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Boss GT-100 « Guitar Multi EffectsBoss GT-100, Guitar Multi Effects£ 329,-* Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 « Drum MachineBoss Dr. Rhythm DR-880, Drum Machine£ 439,-* Boss RC-3 Loop Station « Guitar EffectsBoss RC-3 Loop Station, Guitar Effects£ 161,-* Boss BR-800 « HD RecorderBoss BR-800, HD Recorder£ 312,-* Boss Twin RC-30 Loop Station « Guitar EffectsBoss Twin RC-30 Loop Station, Guitar Effects£ 246,-* Boss ME-25 « Guitar Multi EffectsBoss ME-25, Guitar Multi Effects£ 139,-* Boss RC-300 Loop Station « Guitar EffectsBoss RC-300 Loop Station, Guitar Effects£ 428,-* Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner « TunerBoss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner, Tuner£ 57,-* Boss VE-20 « Multi-EffectsBoss VE-20, Multi-Effects£ 197,-* Boss ME-80 « Guitar Multi EffectsBoss ME-80, Guitar Multi Effects£ 230,-* Boss PSA-230, 9V/500mA « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesBoss PSA-230, 9V/500mA, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 23,89* Boss BCB-60 « FX-Unit SuitcaseBoss BCB-60, FX-Unit Suitcase£ 98,-* Boss DD-7 Delay « Guitar EffectsBoss DD-7 Delay, Guitar Effects£ 123,-* Boss DB-30 « MetronomeBoss DB-30, Metronome£ 23,89* Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor « Guitar EffectsBoss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss Micro BR-80 « HD RecorderBoss Micro BR-80, HD Recorder£ 164,-* Boss CS-3 Compressor « Guitar EffectsBoss CS-3 Compressor, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss CH-1 Chorus « Guitar EffectsBoss CH-1 Chorus, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss DS-1 Distortion « Guitar EffectsBoss DS-1 Distortion, Guitar Effects£ 40,37* Boss PS-6 Harmonist « Guitar EffectsBoss PS-6 Harmonist, Guitar Effects£ 123,-* Boss RC-505 Loop Station « Guitar EffectsBoss RC-505 Loop Station, Guitar Effects£ 408,-* Boss DD-3 Delay « Guitar EffectsBoss DD-3 Delay, Guitar Effects£ 103,-* Boss Twin RE-20 Space Echo « Guitar EffectsBoss Twin RE-20 Space Echo, Guitar Effects£ 189,-* Boss DB-90 « MetronomeBoss DB-90, Metronome£ 111,-* Boss ME-20B Multieffekt « Multi Effects BassBoss ME-20B Multieffekt, Multi Effects Bass£ 164,-* Boss MT-2 Metal Zone « Guitar EffectsBoss MT-2 Metal Zone, Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss RV-5 Reverb « Guitar EffectsBoss RV-5 Reverb, Guitar Effects£ 115,-* Boss SD-1 Overdrive « Guitar EffectsBoss SD-1 Overdrive, Guitar Effects£ 40,37* Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3 « Drum MachineBoss Dr. Rhythm DR-3, Drum Machine£ 144,-* Boss FRV-1 '63er Fender Reverb « Guitar EffectsBoss FRV-1 '63er Fender Reverb, Guitar Effects£ 106,-* Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive « Bass Guitar EffectsBoss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive, Bass Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss BD-2 Blues Driver « Guitar EffectsBoss BD-2 Blues Driver, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss DB-60 « MetronomeBoss DB-60, Metronome£ 54,-* Boss FV-500L « Expression PedalBoss FV-500L, Expression Pedal£ 73,-* Boss SYB-5 Bass-Synthesizer « Bass Guitar EffectsBoss SYB-5 Bass-Synthesizer, Bass Guitar Effects£ 122,-* Boss BC-2 Combo Drive « Guitar EffectsBoss BC-2 Combo Drive, Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion « Guitar EffectsBoss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, Guitar Effects£ 57,-* Boss FS-5U « FX AccessoryBoss FS-5U, FX Accessory£ 24,72* Boss FV-50H « Guitar EffectsBoss FV-50H, Guitar Effects£ 54,-* Boss ST-2 Power Stack « Guitar EffectsBoss ST-2 Power Stack, Guitar Effects£ 90,-* Boss TR-2 Tremolo « Guitar EffectsBoss TR-2 Tremolo, Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator « Guitar EffectsBoss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator, Guitar Effects£ 98,-* Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble Stereo « Guitar EffectsBoss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble Stereo, Guitar Effects£ 73,-* Boss FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster « Guitar EffectsBoss FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster, Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss GE-7 Graphik-EQ « Guitar EffectsBoss GE-7 Graphik-EQ, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss MD-2 Mega-Distortion « Guitar EffectsBoss MD-2 Mega-Distortion, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss ML-2  Metal Core « Guitar EffectsBoss ML-2 Metal Core, Guitar Effects£ 98,-* Boss OD-3 Overdrive « Guitar EffectsBoss OD-3 Overdrive, Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss AB-2 Selector « Little HelperBoss AB-2 Selector, Little Helper£ 31,31* Boss BCB-30 « FX-Unit SuitcaseBoss BCB-30, FX-Unit Suitcase£ 20,52* Boss BF-3 Flanger « Guitar EffectsBoss BF-3 Flanger, Guitar Effects£ 98,-* Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus « Bass Guitar EffectsBoss CEB-3 Bass Chorus, Bass Guitar Effects£ 82,-* Boss FBM-1 (Fender Bassman) « Guitar EffectsBoss FBM-1 (Fender Bassman), Guitar Effects£ 105,-* Boss FZ-5 Fuzz « Guitar EffectsBoss FZ-5 Fuzz, Guitar Effects£ 90,-* Boss LS-2 Line Selector « Little HelperBoss LS-2 Line Selector, Little Helper£ 73,-* Boss ME-50B Multi-Effect « Multi Effects BassBoss ME-50B Multi-Effect, Multi Effects Bass£ 230,-* Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion « Guitar EffectsBoss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion, Guitar Effects£ 65,-* Boss Twin DD-20 Giga Delay « Guitar EffectsBoss Twin DD-20 Giga Delay, Guitar Effects£ 189,-* Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer « Bass Guitar EffectsBoss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer, Bass Guitar Effects£ 73,-* Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter « Bass Guitar EffectsBoss LMB-3 Bass Limiter, Bass Guitar Effects£ 73,-*
Boss has a long tradition as being the world leading manufacturer of stompboxes and effects pedals. They have also made a name in making premium compact digital studios. The technology behind Boss products is made by the Roland corporation one of the most important companies making music instruments, studio technology and software, Boss is a 100 % subsidiary of Roland

The most successful field of production for Boss is that of the Stompboxes. By 1985 over 3 million were in use worldwide and to date over 8 million stompboxes have been kicked around on stages, in clubs and bars all over this planet.

The Boss story started around 30 years ago. Back in 1976 two products were introduced, one was the Boss B-10 and the other the Boss CE-1. The OD-1 pedal entered the market in 1977 and was made until 1985 with only minor changes. In 1978 the Boss DS-1 distortion effect was introduced. In the same year the Boss CE-2 chorus saw the light of day. In 1980 the Boss DR-55 Dr. Rhythm effect followed, 2 years later the Boss TU-12 chromatic tuner and in 1983 Boss started to produce the Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal. In the following years products such as Boss DD-2 digital delay, the ME-5 guitar multiple effects and the Boss SE-50 stereo effects processor as well as the Boss BR-8 digital recording studio were introduced. The Boss RC-20 loop-station has reached worldwide recognition since being launched in 2001. The tiny Boss Micro BR digital recorder is a dream come true for all travelling musicians.

The company Boss always used the marketing instruments given by Roland, to take approved Roland technology to the streets in a low budget Boss profile. “Cheap but not cheap” is the Boss slogan and it has built an excellent reputation among customers.
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