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Ortega Master Selection M9CS « Classical GuitarOrtega Master Selection M9CS, Classical Guitar£ 1.511,-* Ortega RCE 139 T4 STR « Classical GuitarOrtega RCE 139 T4 STR, Classical Guitar£ 341,-* Ortega R 121 1/2 NT « Classical GuitarOrtega R 121 1/2 NT, Classical Guitar£ 115,-* Ortega RCE 131 L « Lefthanded ClassicOrtega RCE 131 L, Lefthanded Classic£ 278,-* Ortega RCE 138 4BK L « Lefthanded ClassicOrtega RCE 138 4BK L, Lefthanded Classic£ 341,-* Ortega RCE 159 MN « Lefthanded ClassicOrtega RCE 159 MN, Lefthanded Classic£ 317,-*
Ortega guitars belong to our top sellers among acoustic guitars. They are made in the “motherland” of the acoustic guitar, Spain (Valencia) by the Spanish luthier Rafael Ortega, who has been developing and finishing guitars since 1994. Ortega instruments are manufactured following the Spanish guitar builder art and combine the old craftsmanship of experienced Spanish lutheirs with modern technologies and designs. To this very day the Ortega guitars (Ortega R 131, Ortega R 180, Ortega R 151, Ortega R 190, Ortega R 203, Ortega R 200, Ortega R 220, Ortega R 240, Ortega M 4 Master, Ortega RCE 200, Ortega RCE 300, Ortega RCE 131 i.e.) are handmade and run through a long rigours testing period after construction. Ortega uses only the finest materials like. D´Addario strings and special tonal timbers, leading to the final fantastic sound of these guitars. The playability is great due to the modern neck construction making this a suitable instrument for both beginners and advanced players.