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Pearl Bassdrum Kralle D043 « Replacement UnitPearl Bassdrum Kralle D043, Replacement Unit£ 2,37* Pearl Black Beat EB20BDPL « Bass-Drum HeadPearl Black Beat EB20BDPL, Bass-Drum Head£ 20,58* Pearl Championship PBD 2414.033 « Marching BassdrumPearl Championship PBD 2414.033, Marching Bassdrum£ 448,-* Pearl Championship PBD 2614.033 « Marching BassdrumPearl Championship PBD 2614.033, Marching Bassdrum£ 441,-* Pearl Championship RM-ALTB « CarrierPearl Championship RM-ALTB, Carrier£ 177,-* Pearl DC0805 « Drum KeysPearl DC0805, Drum Keys£ 28,50* Pearl DR501E L Anbauteil mit T Fuß « Drum RackPearl DR501E L Anbauteil mit T Fuß, Drum Rack£ 67,-* Pearl Gussspannreifen DC1408 « Drum KeysPearl Gussspannreifen DC1408, Drum Keys£ 42,74* Pearl Limited Edition CMSD1455S/C « Snare drumPearl Limited Edition CMSD1455S/C, Snare drum£ 355,-* Pearl Master Premium Legend MPL924XEP #310 Brooklyn Burst « Drum KitPearl Master Premium Legend MPL924XEP #310 Brooklyn Burst, Drum Kit£ 1.495,-* Pearl Master Premium Maple MMP924XFP #291 Cranberry Fade « Drum KitPearl Master Premium Maple MMP924XFP #291 Cranberry Fade, Drum Kit£ 1.638,-* Pearl Masters Custom Maple MCX924XFP #369 Purple Sparkle Burst « Drum KitPearl Masters Custom Maple MCX924XFP #369 Purple Sparkle Burst, Drum Kit£ 990,-* Pearl Masters Custom Maple MCX924XSP #C259 Chestnut Fade « Drum KitPearl Masters Custom Maple MCX924XSP #C259 Chestnut Fade, Drum Kit£ 1.139,-* Pearl Masters Premium MMP MMP0807T #310 Brooklyn Burst « Tom TomPearl Masters Premium MMP MMP0807T #310 Brooklyn Burst, Tom Tom£ 213,-* Pearl Masterworks MWA1370S20TMB « Snare drumPearl Masterworks MWA1370S20TMB, Snare drum£ 605,-* Pearl MBC-1 Bass-Drum Carrier « CarrierPearl MBC-1 Bass-Drum Carrier, Carrier£ 142,-* Pearl Primero Pro PC-100DX « Percussion standPearl Primero Pro PC-100DX, Percussion stand£ 21,37* Pearl Reference Pure RFP-904XP #201 Matte Walnut « Drum KitPearl Reference Pure RFP-904XP #201 Matte Walnut, Drum Kit£ 1.709,-* Pearl Ultra Cast UCA-1450/B « Snare drumPearl Ultra Cast UCA-1450/B, Snare drum£ 405,-* Pearl Ultra Cast UCA-1465/B « Snare drumPearl Ultra Cast UCA-1465/B, Snare drum£ 438,-* Pearl VG1450 Virgil Donati « Snare drumPearl VG1450 Virgil Donati, Snare drum£ 263,-* Pearl Vision VB825S C31 Jet Black « Drum KitPearl Vision VB825S C31 Jet Black, Drum Kit£ 491,-* Pearl 930 D-930 « Drum ThronePearl 930 D-930, Drum Throne£ 57,-* Pearl PDR-08SP « Practice PadPearl PDR-08SP, Practice Pad£ 13,46* Pearl Roadster D-1000SPN « Drum ThronePearl Roadster D-1000SPN, Drum Throne£ 117,-* Pearl 1030 C-1030 « Cymbal StandPearl 1030 C-1030, Cymbal Stand£ 82,-* Pearl Aussendämpfer OM1 « Drum head accessories.Pearl Aussendämpfer OM1, Drum head accessories.£ 10,29* Pearl AX28 « Percussion holderPearl AX28, Percussion holder£ 24,54* Pearl K-050 « Tuning AidPearl K-050, Tuning Aid£ 3,17* Pearl PF-40 Abstellfüße für BD. « Marching AccessoriesPearl PF-40 Abstellfüße für BD., Marching Accessories£ 21,37* Pearl Rhythm Traveler RTGX665/31 « Drum KitPearl Rhythm Traveler RTGX665/31, Drum Kit£ 207,-* Pearl Roadster D-1000N « Drum ThronePearl Roadster D-1000N, Drum Throne£ 91,-* Pearl 1030 TH-1030 « Tom MountPearl 1030 TH-1030, Tom Mount£ 53,-* Pearl 930 P-930 Demonator « Bassdrum PedalPearl 930 P-930 Demonator, Bassdrum Pedal£ 57,-* Pearl Boom Box PCJ-633BB643 « CajonPearl Boom Box PCJ-633BB643, Cajon£ 142,-* Pearl Brush Beat PCJ-633BT « CajonPearl Brush Beat PCJ-633BT, Cajon£ 144,-* Pearl Eliminator DC508A « Replacement UnitPearl Eliminator DC508A, Replacement Unit£ 2,37* Pearl Export EX T075 « Replacement UnitPearl Export EX T075, Replacement Unit£ 3,17* Pearl Jingle Box PCJ-629 « CajonPearl Jingle Box PCJ-629, Cajon£ 135,-* Pearl OptiMount OPT1112 « Percussion holderPearl OptiMount OPT1112, Percussion holder£ 29,29* Pearl OptiMount OPT1314 « Percussion holderPearl OptiMount OPT1314, Percussion holder£ 27,70* Pearl PJCP-1 « CajonPearl PJCP-1, Cajon£ 8,71* Pearl PPS-37 « Percussion holderPearl PPS-37, Percussion holder£ 25,33* Pearl Zugkette CCA5 « Replacement UnitPearl Zugkette CCA5, Replacement Unit£ 22,95* Pearl CAJH-100 Cajon Holster « CajonPearl CAJH-100 Cajon Holster, Cajon£ 15,83* Pearl CVT300/3 Push Button Spike/Rubber Feet « Replacement UnitPearl CVT300/3 Push Button Spike/Rubber Feet, Replacement Unit£ 49,87* Pearl DR-100L « Rack ClampPearl DR-100L, Rack Clamp£ 37,20* Pearl Export EXX1455S/C #700 « Snare drumPearl Export EXX1455S/C #700, Snare drum£ 49,87* Pearl Export EXX705Z/C #91 « Drum KitPearl Export EXX705Z/C #91, Drum Kit£ 474,-* Pearl Export Lacquer EXL725 C.249 « Drum KitPearl Export Lacquer EXL725 C.249, Drum Kit£ 498,-* Pearl Export Lacquer EXL725S C.246 « Drum KitPearl Export Lacquer EXL725S C.246, Drum Kit£ 526,-* Pearl HA-130 « Percussion holderPearl HA-130, Percussion holder£ 35,62* Pearl Masters Custom Birch BCX924XSP C.818 « Drum KitPearl Masters Custom Birch BCX924XSP C.818, Drum Kit£ 925,-* Pearl PFCC-629S « CajonPearl PFCC-629S, Cajon£ 135,-* Pearl Primero PTCJ-1265 Travel Cajon « CajonPearl Primero PTCJ-1265 Travel Cajon, Cajon£ 106,-* Pearl TX100 « Percussion holderPearl TX100, Percussion holder£ 22,95*
Toward the end of the 40´s jazz was gaining popularity in Japan and musical education was increasing strongly in schools. Even though there was a large demand for instruments, especially for percussion, it was nearly imposable to get anything.
That is when Katsumi Yanagisawa, who had been producing music stands since 1946, decided to start building bass and snare drums. He called the company „Pearl Industry, Ltd. “.
In 1953 the company was extended and started producing drum sets, marching drums, latin percussion, cymbals, stands and accessories under the name "Pearl Musical Instrument Company". Tsumis oldest son Mitsuo saw the oversees potential of the brand and so started a export department, exporting Pearl products through agents and trading companies.
In 1961 Pearl built a 4.500m² production plant in Chiba (Japan) to meet the huge demand that had aroused due to the popularity of Rock´n´Roll. The produced drum sets were inexpensive and were branded : Maxwin, CB-700, Crest, Revelle, Revere, Lyra, Majestic, Whitehall, Apollo, Toreador, Roxy, Coronet, and more. All in all Pearl was producing instruments for over 30 different brands.
In 1965 Mitsuo developed a long term strategy to place Pearl at the top of the percussion industry. This strategy consisted of the following points:

1. Developing new products that are equal or better in quality to the competition..
2. Installation of a automated machines in the plant in Chiba, to increase production.
3. Founding of a subsidiary in Taiwan
4. Set up of a worldwide sales and service network.

1966 Pearl introduced its first professional drum set to the market, called " Pearl President Series"
1968 Pearl entered the flute market with gold and silver instruments. Different ranges cover everyone from the school beginner to the professional.
1972 the first fibreglass and wood fibreglass drums were presented. A year later the Pearl Musical Instrument Company of Taiwan was opened. The first products made were the Pearl W-5. The Chiba production facility supplied goods like drum sets, marching drums, timpani and symphonic chimes for the Japanese markets. Peal introduced the “Transparents”, seamless drums from Acrylic-plastics
1977 the Pearl Vary system was launched. One year later the Vary-Pitch Cannons designed by Randy May were introduced. A further year later Pearls Syncussion E-Drum-System hits the markets.
No matter if rock, metal, pop, jazz, country or R´n´B: Pearl drums feel at home everywhere, so its not surprising that the endorser list its very wide-ranging: Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers (Santana i.e.), Omar Hakim, Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Daniel Adair (3 Doors Down / Nickelback), Eric Singer (KISS / Alice Cooper), Tico Torres (Bon Jovi), Steve Ferrone, Marvin "Smitty" Smith and many more.

Today Pearl is the worlds largest drum manufacturer with over 600 employees. Constant
Progression is a key factor to Pearls success. The top level quality, especially of the drum sets, has convinced many top drummers worldwide.

Pearls product range reaches from the fully featured beginners drum set to the custom, handmade Masterworks sets. The Taiwanese production plant now consists of 5 factories that have the capacity to serve the global demand of Pearl products.
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