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JBL SRX812P « Active PA-SpeakersJBL SRX812P, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.252,-* JBL SRX815P « Active PA-SpeakersJBL SRX815P, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.326,-* JBL SRX818SP « Active PA-SpeakersJBL SRX818SP, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.548,-* JBL EON 615 « Active PA-SpeakersJBL EON 615, Active PA-Speakers£ 436,-* JBL VRX-AF « Accessories for LoudspeakersJBL VRX-AF, Accessories for Loudspeakers£ 221,-* JBL PRX-710 « Active PA-SpeakersJBL PRX-710, Active PA-Speakers£ 654,-* JBL Control 1 Pro « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL Control 1 Pro, Passive PA-Speakers£ 107,-* JBL Control 1 Pro WH « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL Control 1 Pro WH, Passive PA-Speakers£ 110,-* JBL EON 610 « Active PA-SpeakersJBL EON 610, Active PA-Speakers£ 333,-* JBL EON 612 « Active PA-SpeakersJBL EON 612, Active PA-Speakers£ 370,-* JBL PRX-715 « Active PA-SpeakersJBL PRX-715, Active PA-Speakers£ 725,-* JBL PRX-715XLF « Active PA-SpeakersJBL PRX-715XLF, Active PA-Speakers£ 903,-* JBL PRX-735 « Active PA-SpeakersJBL PRX-735, Active PA-Speakers£ 926,-* JBL STX-825 « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL STX-825, Passive PA-Speakers£ 1.407,-* JBL SRX828SP « Active PA-SpeakersJBL SRX828SP, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.918,-* JBL SRX835P « Active PA-SpeakersJBL SRX835P, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.396,-* JBL SRX812P-CVR-DLX « Accessories for LoudspeakersJBL SRX812P-CVR-DLX, Accessories for Loudspeakers£ 66,-* JBL SRX815 « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL SRX815, Passive PA-Speakers£ 999,-* JBL SRX818 « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL SRX818, Passive PA-Speakers£ 1.184,-* JBL SRX828 « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL SRX828, Passive PA-Speakers£ 1.592,-* JBL PRX-718XLF « Active PA-SpeakersJBL PRX-718XLF, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.004,-* JBL STX-812M « Passive PA-SpeakersJBL STX-812M, Passive PA-Speakers£ 956,-*

Is the leading manufacture of professionel loudspeakers and acoustic systems worldwide. JBL have been guaranteeing excellent sound and the highest quality for over 50 years.

JBL has a solution for almost every acoustic situation. No matter how small speakers or large acoustic systems, the acoustic characteristics remain without loss of quality, even after hours of demanding use.

In the classified column: PA-Technic und Studio-Recording you will find a selction of models that have been most popular for many years.
Should you have any questions regarding the special models, please do not hesitate to contact us per E-mail or telephone.