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T-Rex Tunemaster « TunerT-Rex Tunemaster, Tuner£ 74,-* T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesT-Rex Fuel Tank Classic, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 99,-* T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesT-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 119,-* T-Rex Shafter Wah « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Shafter Wah, Guitar Effects£ 114,-* T-Rex Diva Drive « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Diva Drive, Guitar Effects£ 122,-* T-Rex Replay Box « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Replay Box, Guitar Effects£ 143,-* T-Rex Vulture Distortion « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Vulture Distortion, Guitar Effects£ 99,-* T-Rex Creamer Reverb « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Creamer Reverb, Guitar Effects£ 106,-* T-Rex Quint Machine « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Quint Machine, Guitar Effects£ 143,-* T-Rex Karma Boost « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Karma Boost, Guitar Effects£ 93,-* T-Rex Neocomp « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Neocomp, Guitar Effects£ 122,-* T-Rex Room-Mate Junior « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Room-Mate Junior, Guitar Effects£ 122,-* T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesT-Rex Fuel Tank Junior, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 78,-* T-Rex Tapster « Guitar EffectsT-Rex Tapster, Guitar Effects£ 134,-* T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesT-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 183,-*
T-Rex ApS is a manufacturer of handmade electric guitar effects pedals based in Denmark. T-Rex's line of guitar effects includes the Alberta overdrive and distortion pedal , Mudhoney distortionn pedal, Comp-Nova compressor pedal and Tremster tremolo and vibrato effects pedal. T-Rex also manufactures a line of power supplies for guitar pedals called FuelTank with isolated outputs and both AC and DC outputs.