2box DrumIt Five MKII

2box DrumIt Five MKII, Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Drum Kit • Display: 17 x 4 and 20 x 4 LCD • Sounds: 284 (Kick: 28, Snare: 43, Toms: 30, Cymbals: 36, Machine: 75, Percussion: 72, Loops: 67, Songs: 10) • Edit Parameter: Delay, 3 Encoder for adjusting the parameter , volume • Effects: Echo, Flanger • Drum Kits User: 100 • Drum Kits Presets: 100, all editable • Data backup: via USB forMAC and PC • Trigger inputs: 10 Trigger inputs • Line in: yes • MIDI: In/out • Outputs: 6 x Direct Outs free allocatable 1/4-inch /6,3 mm jack), MIDI, headphonesr, USB • Special Features: 4 GB internal memory, complete open System for up-loading Samples and Sounds • Accessories: pedal, module, rack • Set consists of: 1 x 2BOX DrumIt Five MKII E-Drum module 1 x drumrack incl. Tom and cymbal holder 3 x 10" Tom-Tom pad 1 x 12" snare drum pad 2 x 14" cymbal pad 1 x 14" bassdrum pad 1 x 12" hi-hat pad 1 x single foot machine 1 x Rack HiHat machine without legs 1 x power supply Revolutionary e-drum system with open sound architecture with 4 GB flash memory A freely programmable e-drum system with a truly authentic feel, extensive editing possibilities; Plus an editor software to manage the sound module's configuration and to feed it with its own sounds. The module offers 4 GB of the finest multi-layer samples, recorded in multi-track technology in professional recording rooms with elaborate microphone and countless sound levels. The resulting sounds are then meticulously edited and mixed and are now available in 24-bit quality either in stereo or routed to the six line outputs. "The Brain" has 100 storage spaces for the factory sounds, which can be overwritten as required. On the back are ten dual triggering inputs, so the module has a total of 15 trigger channels. Five additional multi-tone pads could be used, as well as ten additional monotriggers. A stereo line input for playback playback, a 6.3 mm headphone jack, MIDI In / Out and the USB port are also available. The factory kits can be edited extensively on the module: Alternative allocation of the individual sounds of a factory kit Volume and position can be adjusted in the stereo panorama for each sound Pitch and envelope per sound(attack/hold/decay) can be adjusted Threshold and trigger curve per sound adjustable Assignment of individual outputs programmable Several MIDI parameters programmable Delay effect (10 to 1,000 ms) with three programmable taps and beat sync function Programmable metronome with two count-in functions (1 bar, 2 bars) The selected metronome tempo (BPM) can be stored permanently for each memory location - ideal for live performances Copy or move the works kits to another location If the module is connected to a computer via USB, it is recognized as an external drive without driver installation - just as if, for example, Eg a USB stick or an external hard disk. Now you can transfer the complete brain data to the computer by simple drag & drop, in order to get a security copy of the internal sounds. Conversely, any audio files (WAV), including songs from CDs, can be copied into the module by drag & drop (sufficient free memory presupposed) to play with the song play function of the brain - For practicing. The module allows you to initialize the factory defaults. In the "Preference" menu, you can also specify whether to save the settings after saving the settings or not (Save on / Save off) - so you are always on the safe side when other users use the DrumIt-Five. 2BOX continues to expand the sound offer for the DrumIt-Five-Systen. Several newly created samples and whole drum kits are available on the www.2box.Se free to download.