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Ashton D25/12 BK « Acoustic GuitarAshton D25/12 BK, Acoustic Guitar£ 159,- Ashton D25/12 NTM « Acoustic GuitarAshton D25/12 NTM, Acoustic Guitar£ 159,- Ashton D25/12EQ NTM « Acoustic GuitarAshton D25/12EQ NTM, Acoustic Guitar£ 177,- Ashton D20 TSB « Acoustic GuitarAshton D20 TSB, Acoustic Guitar£ 88,-


The Australian company Ashton was founded in 1997. Their goal was to design good instruments that could be set in the lower preis segment bracket but not lose out on quality and features. Ashton Guitars are produce in China under stringent quality controlling through Ashton.