Aidis 203B, Transverse Flute

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Transverse Flute • Tuning: C • Finish: Silver plated • Headpiece material: Nickel silver • Head: Straight headjoint • Lip plate material: Nickel silver • Lip plate: Oval • Body material: Nickel silver • Keywork material: Nickel silver • Mechanics: Y-Mechanic • Keys: Closed keys • E-Mechanism: yes • Offset G: yes • Foot piece: C Foot • Accessories: Case with cover and shoulder strap, wiper, cleaning agent • The head piece, body and base of the Aidis 203B are made of nickel silver. The flute has a low weight as well as a light response and is also corrosion-resistant. Nickel silver is a robust material and is therefore the ideal choice for beginners and students. The tube material for the Aidis models is imported from Japan and processed into 203B in Taiwan. High-quality pads provide increased playing comfort as well as a long life. The closed keys give you a light and comfortable handling. The Aidis 203B comes with a case and care material. The "E-Mechanics": The E-mechanism is an additional lever that makes the high E (e3) more precise and easier to play. It thus facilitates the intonation and gives additional playing security. The E-Mechanik has proved itself for many years, especially in the amateur field and among semi-professionals. The "offset G": The position of the G-key, which is designated as "offset G", has become standard on every good flute. Due to this key position, the instrument adapts to the ergonomics of the hand and not vice versa. So make sure your flute has a "offset G" - your fingers will thank you!