American DJ Emulation - DMX software

American DJ Emulation - DMX software, Controller Software

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Controller Software • Multi-Platform capable, including Mac OS X and Linux
DMX512A + Art-net Output • Cuelists by industry standard • MIDI Control Extension Presets • 100% touch screen compatible • 1500+ Fixture Profile • IPHONE Riggers Remote • Multilingual •
EMULATION supports Mac OS X, Linux (beta) and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8.

DMX512A + Art-net:
The output is via the supplied USB - DMX dongle. EMULATION sends 512 DMX channels at the same time via the ESD-protected USB-DMX interface and ArtNet via the network connection of the computer. The ArtNet output can also be used for the control of external visualization programs.

MIDI Control Extension Presets:
EMULATION has already integrated ready-to-use MIDI extension interfaces that make it easy to use many popular MIDI faders as external hardware. The Behringer BCF-2000 is supported directly via plug-and-play, including automatic feedback to the motor faders.

iPhone Remote:
EMULATION is delivered with a remote application, which allows the remote control of the patch list and the playbacks via the browser of modern mobile phones to have full control on the stage and in the rig.

Industries common logic:
The logical design of the software used corresponds to the industry-standard programming principle of well-known light consoles. The cuelist system supports separate delay, fade-in & fade-out times, and can incorporate the built-in, flexible shape generator and programmer.

100% touchscreen Compatible:
The entire surface is designed in such a way that it can be easily operated with normal fingers on a touch screen. Even the keyboard is automatically displayed when you need it. So you can do without all peripheries.

For all functions, a clipboard and a complete undo/redo are also available. Continuously visible direct access buttons Can be used for fog machines, strobes or blinds.

Minimum system requirements:

Mac OS X:
Apple Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or higher) • Intel CPU 1 GHz or equivalent • XGA 1024x768 • 512 MB RAM Memory • 50MB Disk Space •

Microsoft Windows Vista or XP • XGA 1024x768 • 512 MB RAM Memory • 30MB Disk Space •

Linux (beta):
Ubuntu 8.04 or higher • XGA 1024x768 • 512 MB RAM Memory • 30MB Disk Space •

Further Specifications:
Multi-core CPU optimized software engine, DMX Refresh with 33 Hz • A maximum of 24 individual device types at the same time, each with 8 sub-devices (e. g., 8x [3-channel] RGB Led Fixtures correspond to a device group. ) • Infinite Groups and Sub-Master • 64 Playback Fader + 80 Playback Buttons • USB Joystick support • The development of EMULATION has been particularly focused on ease of use and touchscreen compatibility. In order to keep the processing time as low as possible, redundant elements in the surface were also omitted and a modern programming principle, which is familiar with common light sources, was adopted. The brand new engine is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, offers DMX512, MIDI and ArtNet output and can even be remote controlled via i-Phone. What more do you need?
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