American DJ LED RC
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American DJ LED RC

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IR Remote suitable for:
  • Mega Tri BAR
  • Mega TriPAR Profile
  • Mega PAR Profile
  • Mega BAR LED RC
  • Mega BAR 50 RC
  • Flat PAR TRI18X
  • Flat PAR TRI7X
  • PRO 64B LED RC
  • PRO 38B RC
  • Mega Go Par64
  • Mega Go Bar 50
  • Mega TRI64 Profile
  • Jelly PAR Profile
  • Jelly GO PAR

American DJ LED RC · Scan Controller

Blackout - Activates the blackout.
Auto run - Starts the automatic programs. Adjust the speed by pressing the "SPEED" button and then the "+" and "-" buttons.
PROGRAM SELECTION - This button lets you select from the static colour macros and navigate with the "+" and "-" buttons.
FLASH - The FLASH button activates the stroboscope mode. The flash speed can then be set with the "+" and "-" buttons
SPEED - To set the AUTORUN speed, together with the "+" and "-" buttons.
DMX MODE - Selects the DMX mode. Some devices have different DMX modes.
SOUND ACTIVE - Enables the Sound-To-Light mode.
SLAVE - Sets the device to SLAVE in a master / slave configuration.
SET ADDRESS - Sets the DMX address. Then enter the digits. Example: DMX Address 1 Enter "S001", DMX Address 245 Enter "S245"
R G B - Adjusts the brightness of the R, G, B LEDs, together with the "+" and "-" buttons.
"+" And "-" - These buttons control the stroboscope and auto run speed, dimmer, program selection, ...


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