American DJ MyDMX 3.0
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American DJ MyDMX 3.0

  • Blind processing - Scenes processing without DMX output
  • DMX-Controlled
  • Software: myDMX 3.0
  • DMX connection: 3 Pin and 5 Pin
  • Controllable Channels: 512
  • Access: Full Access
  • Power supply: USB
  • Compatible Software: Windows, OSX

American DJ MyDMX 3.0 · Controller Software

MyDMX3.0 from ADJ is a multi-platform (Windows and MAC OS X) light control system consisting of soft and hardware. MyDMX3.0 includes a new robust DMX interface as well as a lot of new features that make programming your light show much easier. From the package, the myDMX3.0 software runs in restricted mode. 512 live DMX channels as well as 60 stand-alone channels are available (no 3D Visualizer or Easy Remote, the 8-contact ports and MIDI functions are disabled). These functionalities can be purchased as an upgrade, including additional live (for MyDMx Buddy) and standalone channels via https: // store. Dmxsoft. Com /

The myDMX3.0 interface runs in full mode with the myDMX2.1 software.

If you already have myDMX2.1 hardware, you can use the myDMX3.0 software and download it free of charge from our website. Note: myDMX3.0 runs in restricted mode. See further details above.

3D: Design your 3D environment and add 3D objects from the built-in 3D object library and create your own virtual venue to program your light show without having to build up your entire rig.

MIDI: Use your favorite USB MIDI device to assign physical buttons and faders to the virtual buttons and faders in the program to control a perfect hardware light control.

Easy Remote: With the "Show" function in the program, you can quickly and easily create your own virtual control with any DMX channels or presets / scenes in the MyDMX3.0 software to create your very own custom light controller via Smartphone or Tablet with the Easy Remote App. There are even presets for your favorite iOS or Android device!

Multiple DMX Universes: If you have a 2nd or 3rd or more MyDMX3 interface or buy a MyDMX Buddy with at least the Express Mode license for 3.0 software, you can use it at the same time to create multiple universes using myDMX3. 0 software.

8-port contacts: Start live and stand-alone scenes using the 8 potential-free contacts. Use the pins on pins 1-8 of the HE10 connector to start one or more scenes from a button or relay. The 8 ports can be combined in binary for up to 255 triggers.

Standalone: ​​Would you like to trigger a few of your scenes without having to connect your computer? Stand-alone channels let you do just that. With 60 stand-alone channels, which are included in each myDMX 3 interface, you can store scenes with up to 60 DMX channels, which you can play with the push buttons on the top of the myDMX 3 interface. You can purchase up to 512 stand-alone channels in packs of 50 additional stand-alone channels from the web shop.


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