Arnolds & Sons BP-1 1/2 G

Arnolds & Sons BP-1 1/2 G, Mouthpiece (brass)

Item number: 7701066
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Mouthpiece (brass) • Instrument: Bass Trombone • Material: Brass • Finish: Silver plated • Bore: L • Cup shape: U • Cup depth: Deep • Cup diameter: Wide • Rim shape: Rounded • Features: Extraordinary soundscape in deep registers • Bass Trombone mouth-piece from Arnold & Sons These mouth-pieces are exact replicas of famous American originals. L = large, they have a wider shaft S = small, they have a thinner shaft Brass with silver-plating in the size 1 1/G. The Arnold & Sons mouthpiece 1 ½ G is the standard mouthpiece for bass trombone. An extraordinary sonority in the deeper tones. The rim of the bass trombone mouthpiece is medium broad and well-rounded. It has a deep cup.
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