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Ashdown ABM 600 EVO IV « Bass Amp HeadAshdown ABM 600 EVO IV, Bass Amp Head£ 710,- Ashdown AAA-60-10T « Bass AmpAshdown AAA-60-10T, Bass Amp£ 210,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-500-EVO « Bass Amp HeadAshdown Rootmaster RM-500-EVO, Bass Amp Head£ 378,- Ashdown AAA-300-210T « Bass AmpAshdown AAA-300-210T, Bass Amp£ 472,- Ashdown AAA-120-15T « Bass AmpAshdown AAA-120-15T, Bass Amp£ 266,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM 610T EVO « Bass CabinetAshdown Rootmaster RM 610T EVO, Bass Cabinet£ 660,- Ashdown ABM-115H-EVO IV « Bass CabinetAshdown ABM-115H-EVO IV, Bass Cabinet£ 404,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-800-EVO « Bass Amp HeadAshdown Rootmaster RM-800-EVO, Bass Amp Head£ 478,- Ashdown Ashdown Footswitch FS1 1-fach « FootswitchAshdown Ashdown Footswitch FS1 1-fach, Footswitch£ 17,45 Ashdown FS-2 2-fach « FootswitchAshdown FS-2 2-fach, Footswitch£ 29,25 Ashdown 20th Anniversary CTM-30 Tweed « Bass StackAshdown 20th Anniversary CTM-30 Tweed, Bass Stack£ 773,- Ashdown AAA Tourbus 10 « Bass AmpAshdown AAA Tourbus 10, Bass Amp£ 90,- Ashdown AAA-30-8 « Bass AmpAshdown AAA-30-8, Bass Amp£ 122,- Ashdown ABM 1200 EVO IV « Bass Amp HeadAshdown ABM 1200 EVO IV, Bass Amp Head£ 1.074,- Ashdown ABM 600RC EVO IV « Bass Amp HeadAshdown ABM 600RC EVO IV, Bass Amp Head£ 687,- Ashdown ABM NEO C115 « Bass AmpAshdown ABM NEO C115, Bass Amp£ 1.014,- Ashdown B-Social Lite BL « Bass AmpAshdown B-Social Lite BL, Bass Amp£ 317,- Ashdown B-Social-75 W BLK « Bass AmpAshdown B-Social-75 W BLK, Bass Amp£ 472,- Ashdown RM Gigbag « Amp CoverAshdown RM Gigbag, Amp Cover£ 38,70 Ashdown Rootmaster 410T EVO « Bass CabinetAshdown Rootmaster 410T EVO, Bass Cabinet£ 386,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM 210T EVO « Bass CabinetAshdown Rootmaster RM 210T EVO, Bass Cabinet£ 292,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-112T-EVO « Bass CabinetAshdown Rootmaster RM-112T-EVO, Bass Cabinet£ 260,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-115T-EVO « Bass CabinetAshdown Rootmaster RM-115T-EVO, Bass Cabinet£ 283,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-414T-EVO « Bass CabinetAshdown Rootmaster RM-414T-EVO, Bass Cabinet£ 386,- Ashdown Custom Shop CTM-100 « Bass Amp HeadAshdown Custom Shop CTM-100, Bass Amp Head£ 1.117,- Ashdown Funk Face « Bass Guitar EffectAshdown Funk Face, Bass Guitar Effect£ 292,- Ashdown Woodsman Parlour « Acoustic Guitar AmpAshdown Woodsman Parlour, Acoustic Guitar Amp£ 145,- Ashdown ABM 210H EVO IV « Bass CabinetAshdown ABM 210H EVO IV, Bass Cabinet£ 382,- Ashdown ABM 810H EVO IV « Bass CabinetAshdown ABM 810H EVO IV, Bass Cabinet£ 876,- Ashdown FS-4 4-fach « FootswitchAshdown FS-4 4-fach, Footswitch£ 51,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-C112T-500-EVO « Bass AmpAshdown Rootmaster RM-C112T-500-EVO, Bass Amp£ 534,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-C115T-500-EVO « Bass AmpAshdown Rootmaster RM-C115T-500-EVO, Bass Amp£ 622,- Ashdown Rootmaster RM-C210T-500-EVO « Bass AmpAshdown Rootmaster RM-C210T-500-EVO, Bass Amp£ 670,- Ashdown Woodsman Classic « Acoustic Guitar AmpAshdown Woodsman Classic, Acoustic Guitar Amp£ 257,- Ashdown Woodsman Jumbo « Acoustic Guitar AmpAshdown Woodsman Jumbo, Acoustic Guitar Amp£ 312,- Ashdown AAA-30-8 Set « Bassguitar SetAshdown AAA-30-8 Set, Bassguitar Set£ 145,- Ashdown Head of Doom « Bass Amp HeadAshdown Head of Doom, Bass Amp Head£ 1.074,- Ashdown OriginAl Head « Bass Amp HeadAshdown OriginAl Head, Bass Amp Head£ 317,-


Behind the brand Ashdown is the young British company Ashdown Engineering which was founded by Mark Gooday in 1997. Ashdown primarily manufactures high-quality bass- and guitar amplifiers. The founder, Mark Gooday, used to be the engineer and manager for the company Trace Elliot. After the takeover of the company by Kaman Music Mark Gooday founded his own company Ashdown Engineering which was named after his wife´s surname. At the beginning they were alone, but soon many memebers of Trace Elliot´s staff joined them and so together they strived consequently to develop a complex offer of bass, acoustic guitar and e-guitar amplifiers. They managed to manufacture creative, high-quality amplifiers in no time.

Ashdown´s product range consists of: Compact Box E-Bass Ashdown ABM 115-300, Box E-Bass Ashdown MAG 115T Deep, Box E-Bass Ashdown MAG 410T Deep, Combo E-Bass Ashdown Perfect Ten, Combo E-Bass Ashdown ABM C115-300 EVO, Combo E-Bass Ashdown Electric Blue EB12-180, Combo E-Gitarre Ashdown Fallen Angel FA40, Amplifier E-Bass Ashdown LABS AL-1500D, Top E-Bass Ashdown ABM 500RC EVO 19", Top E-Guitar Ashdown Fallen Angel FA180H, Floor Effect E-Bass Ashdown Drive Plus, Acoustic-amplifier Ashdown Radiator 1 and much more.

The sound and quality of Ashdown´s amplifiers are eminently respected by many well-known artists worlwide. Names like Adam Clayton (U2), Mark King (ex-Level 42), John Entwistle (The Who), Roger Waters (ex-Pink Floyd), Lenny Kravitz, Nick Fyffe (Jamiroquai), Matt Garrison (Herbie Hancock), Eric Clapton, Norbert Hamm (Herbert Grönemeyer), James Dean Bradfield or Carl Carter (Spin Doctors) and many more speak for themselves.