AudioTeknik Box 40

AudioTeknik Box 40, Stagebox (unequipped)

Item number: 2106082
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Stagebox (unequipped) • All the Neutrik D series sockets fit into the forty identical holes (Ø = 24 mm) • in addition to XLR male and female from 3 to 7-pole e. g. Also the locking jacks and of course Speakon (2 and 4 pole) as well as PowerCon plug for power supply • The punched holes are arranged in two groups and marked with the numbers 1 ... 32 or front L / R, Side L / R and Mon A / B / C / D • Between the two groups or at another location at the bottom of the housing, 64- or 108-pole H-D series expansion sleeves can be installed. • There is also a circular cable entry on the side suitable for PG 29 strain relief • If you do not need all the holes immediately, but you need some reserve for the future expansion, simply close up the required holes with appropriate blind caps • Delivery WITHOUT PG 21 Screw connection • Colour: Black • Audio Teknik Stageboxes: Sturdy, empty stage boxes made of steel sheet for high mechanical requirements. At the same time good shielding against electromagnetic interference. All the holes for the fitting of XLR-mounting sockets are numerically labeled. On the underside, the rubber feet ensure a non-slip stance.

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