Avid Eleven Rack + Pro Tools 1 Year

Avid Eleven Rack + Pro Tools 1 Year, Guitar Multi Effects

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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: 19" format • Amp modelling: yes • ProTools for PC and MAC, valid for 1 year
19"/ 2U guitar preamp & Interface for Live, Recording and Reamping
Including Eleven Rack Expansion Pack
Classical guitar and bass amp sounds
Stompbox effects
Rackmount effects
Cabinet-and microphone emulations
FX Loop
Control of MIDI controllers and expression pedals
Tap Tempo
USB 2.0
Ultra-low latency by 2 DSPs
Supports 8 simultaneous tracks 24-bit / 96 kHz in Pro Tools
Stereo XLR output
XLR microphone input
2 line inputs
AES / EBU and S / PDIF Coaxial In / Out
Headphones jack Includes 1 year of current Pro Tools version Gitarrenaufnahme- and effect system for live and studio Eleven Rack is a revolutionary new Guitar recording and effect system, an entirely new standard for the typical challenges in the studio and on stage. Gone are the days of colourless guitar amp "models" of yester year, Eleven Rack utilizes a unique design and a bespoke True-Z input to re-create the experience of playing through a full guitar rig. By combining the Pro commonly used in studios Tools® software (supplied) with a DSP-accelerated high-resolution interface, Eleven Rack puts professional recording into the hands of every guitar player. Whether in the studio or live performances, Eleven Rack delivers fresh, ultra realistic guitar amp and effects tones that will inspire your best performances. Eleven Rack in the Studio Eleven Rack combines standard Pro Tools software with a high-resolution, dual DSP-powered audio interface. With built-in amp and effects tones no latency occurs and the computer doesn't have to carry the processing burden. Eleven Rack also takes re-amping a step further and allows simultaneous recording of dry and processed guitar signals. In this way, re-amplify at any time later without patching a single cable. We even found a way to implement the Eleven Rack amp and effects settings in the recordings of audio tracks. In this way the settings of the audio files can be accessed at any time on a Pro Tools system with Eleven Rack. Eleven Rack on stage Eleven Rack also rocks the stage: As a single amp and effect signal processor. With the Eleven you get the feel of the original at any time and in any situation. A classic collection of effects are also attached. They ranges from the stompboxes to world-class rackmount studio processors. Eleven Rack has all the I / O flexibility for integration into an existing system so the live recorded sounds can be easily used. The gap between studio and stage closes. Eleven Rack also offers incredibly powerful control options by using affordable MIDI controllers and expression pedals, full control over everything from vintage wah effects to tempo-dependent delays, and more. Test quote from tools 4 music 04/12: "Those who already wanted to use Pro Tools and has anything at all to do with guitars and home recording then the Avid Eleven is a must have for you. Regardless of all additions the "Eleven rack" makes, in its core competency as amp and effect modeler a really good figure. With the extremely attractive selling prrice it gets a thumbs up! " Quote from guitar 07/12: "Eleven Rack is recommended as a good sounding and luxuriant equipped Modeler, which performs its work both confidently on stage and in the studio. The specific advantages of a modeler, the device making it less of a competition for real tube amps as a sonically diverse and storable supplement that also allows an exemplary connectivity and fast, versatile and silent recording capability on the computer. This, the included Pro Tools 10 is much more than an appendage but a powerful production environment. " Test quote from planet 03/12: "Big plus for the great sounds, handling, ease of use combined with huge editing and robust and musician-friendly design. " Test quote from planet. tt 04/12: "The combination with Pro Tools may scare a little at first glance, but if you have the opportunities available and the scope of uses with the Pro Tools software, it is very clear that Avid not only does everything right, but play a leading role in the hardware / software integration.