Bad Cat Unleash V2 Attenuator

Bad Cat Unleash V2 Attenuator, Little Helper

Item number: 10095886
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Little Helper • Power Attenuator • 2 switchable channels • FX Loop • Reactive Load Input • 4/8/16 Ohm switchable • 2 Speaker Outputs • Speaker Phase Switch • Silent operation switch • Protection circuit against wrong or defective wiring • Headphone output with Speaker Simulation • 1 - 100 Watt output power • The slightly different Power Attenuator! Bad Cat calls his Unleash V2 Attenuator "Re-Amplifier" - that is actually better. The Unleash can not only lower the output power of an amp - it also works the other way, performance can also be raised. Two applications are available: a powerful tube top (with a maximum of 100 watts) is simply too loud and can not be restrained. Here, power can be converted into heat and the amp can be placed in a comfortable volume range. The second option is to have a small, very good sounding tube amp, which fully cranked is still too quiet for the stage - now comes the internal 100 Watt power stage of the Unleash into play: a corresponding speaker box is connected to the Unleash and the Speaker output of the amplifier connected to the Unleash and up to 100 Watt Power are available. Another cool feature is the headphone output with integrated speaker simulation - so you can use your favorite amp late at night without bothering your neighbours.
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