Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Open Set yellow

Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Open Set yellow, Electric Guitar Pickup

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Electric Guitar Pickup • Technology: Humbucker • Strings: 6 string • Position: Neck, bridge • spacing: 53 mm • Character: Aggressive • Connections: 4 wires • Magnet: Ceramic + Alnico V • Pole Pieces: Nickel Screws • Output: Hot • Neck impendance: 9,8 kOhms Alnico V • Impendance bridge: 17,5 K Ceramic • legs: short (1/4") • Including: installation kit, wiring diagram, mounting screws, Rotosound strings, D'Andrea pick • Features: Yello Bobbin • The Nailbomb is a real Bare Knuckle classic - aggressive, violent basic sound with great assertiveness. Here as an open set in cool yellow!!
Bare Knuckle