BG C 23 LP Strap Clarinet

BG C 23 LP Strap Clarinet, Carry Strap

Item number: 100014082
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Carry Strap • Instrument: Clarinet • Material: Leather • Colour / Finish: Black • strap features: Single strap • cotton padded • Metal hooks incl. Leather straps (1x standard, 1x Large • Hand height adjustment • BG C23LP Strap for Clarinet BG straps provide maximum comfort and control. Most BG risers have a cotton pad which, unlike foam rubber belts, absorbe perspiration particularly well. All BG belts are manufactured machine washable. The use of a double seam makes the risers extremely durable. The risers are, unless otherwise specified, black. The C23LP is made of leather, with a cotton pad (not elastic) equipped and suitable for clarinets. The shoulder strap is supplied with metal hooks and two leather straps (1x standard, 1x Large).