Blackstar ID:Core Beam LTD

Blackstar ID:Core Beam LTD, Guitar Amp

Item number: 10080908
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Guitar Amp • Technology: Modelling • Power: 20 W • Effects: Effects Processer • Special Features: enables music streaming by bluetooth • Dimensions: 291 x 169 x 166 mm • Weight: 3,8 kg • Country of Origin: Made in China • 2x 3" speakers • 1 Instrument input • 1 line input • 6 Electric Guitars Voices • 2 Bass Voices • 2 Acoustic Voices • 2 Acoustic Simulator Voices • Controls: Voice, Gain, Volume, ISF (Modulation, Delay, Reverb and Distortion), Effect Level • Headphone / Recording output with cab simulator • Bluetooth • Tap Tempo • Foot switch optional • An amp for electric guitar, electric bass & western guitar. No matter what is connected, this "Master of all trades" communicates via Bluetooth with your mobile phone and plays your music in Super Wide Stereo. You can easily play along with your music If you like, connect your ID: CoreBeam via the USB port to your PC and simply record your newly learned guitar art.