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Blackstar HT-5R « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT-5R, Guitar Amp£ 349,- Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp « Mini AmpBlackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp, Mini Amp£ 61,- Blackstar FLY 3 Stereo Pack « Mini AmpBlackstar FLY 3 Stereo Pack, Mini Amp£ 88,- Blackstar HT Studio 20 « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT Studio 20, Guitar Amp£ 622,- Blackstar ID:Core 100 Stereo « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:Core 100 Stereo, Guitar Amp£ 293,- Blackstar ID:Core Beam LTD « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:Core Beam LTD, Guitar Amp£ 229,- Blackstar HT Metal 5R « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT Metal 5R, Guitar Amp£ 358,- Blackstar ID:Core Beam « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:Core Beam, Guitar Amp£ 229,- Blackstar HTV-112 « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HTV-112, Guitar Cabinet£ 222,- Blackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth  Mini Amp « Mini AmpBlackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp, Mini Amp£ 88,- Blackstar ID:15TVP « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:15TVP, Guitar Amp£ 266,- Blackstar HT Club 50 « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT Club 50, Guitar Amp Head£ 622,- Blackstar HT Studio 20H « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT Studio 20H, Guitar Amp Head£ 533,- Blackstar HT Metal 5R « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT Metal 5R, Guitar Amp£ 391,- Blackstar HT-1RH Metal « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT-1RH Metal, Guitar Amp Head£ 248,- Blackstar FLY 3 Bass Pack « Mini AmpBlackstar FLY 3 Bass Pack, Mini Amp£ 85,- Blackstar Artist 15 « Guitar AmpBlackstar Artist 15, Guitar Amp£ 711,- Blackstar Artist 30 « Guitar AmpBlackstar Artist 30, Guitar Amp£ 889,- Blackstar FLY 103 Mini Amp Zusatzbox « Mini AmpBlackstar FLY 103 Mini Amp Zusatzbox, Mini Amp£ 19,60 Blackstar HT-408 « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HT-408, Guitar Cabinet£ 213,- Blackstar ID:30TVP « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:30TVP, Guitar Amp£ 293,- Blackstar ID:30TVP « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:30TVP, Guitar Amp£ 311,- Blackstar ID:60TVP « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:60TVP, Guitar Amp£ 444,- Blackstar ID:60TVP-H « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar ID:60TVP-H, Guitar Amp Head£ 346,- Blackstar LT Dist « Guitar EffectBlackstar LT Dist, Guitar Effect£ 53,- Blackstar LT Echo 10 « Guitar AmpBlackstar LT Echo 10, Guitar Amp£ 70,- Blackstar Series One 50 « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar Series One 50, Guitar Amp Head£ 1.201,- Blackstar HT-1R « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT-1R, Guitar Amp£ 222,- Blackstar HT-1 « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT-1, Guitar Amp£ 177,- Blackstar HT-1RH « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT-1RH, Guitar Amp Head£ 213,- Blackstar Series One 45 « Guitar AmpBlackstar Series One 45, Guitar Amp£ 1.334,- Blackstar HT Metal 100 « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT Metal 100, Guitar Amp Head£ 978,- Blackstar HT Metal 1R « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT Metal 1R, Guitar Amp£ 224,- Blackstar FLY 3 Bass Mini Amp « Mini AmpBlackstar FLY 3 Bass Mini Amp, Mini Amp£ 61,- Blackstar HT Club 40 « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT Club 40, Guitar Amp£ 599,- Blackstar ID:30TVP « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:30TVP, Guitar Amp£ 337,- Blackstar ID:Core 150 Stereo « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:Core 150 Stereo, Guitar Amp£ 355,- Blackstar HT-112 « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HT-112, Guitar Cabinet£ 177,- Blackstar HT-5C « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT-5C, Guitar Amp£ 400,- Blackstar HT-Drive « Guitar EffectBlackstar HT-Drive, Guitar Effect£ 177,- Blackstar HT-5RH « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT-5RH, Guitar Amp Head£ 349,- Blackstar HT-Boost « Guitar EffectBlackstar HT-Boost, Guitar Effect£ 177,- Blackstar LT Metal « Guitar EffectBlackstar LT Metal, Guitar Effect£ 58,- Blackstar HT-Dual « Guitar EffectBlackstar HT-Dual, Guitar Effect£ 174,- Blackstar HT-Metal « Guitar EffectBlackstar HT-Metal, Guitar Effect£ 182,- Blackstar HT-Metal Stage 60 « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT-Metal Stage 60, Guitar Amp£ 774,- Blackstar Artisan 15 Combo « Guitar AmpBlackstar Artisan 15 Combo, Guitar Amp£ 1.779,- Blackstar Blackstar FS10 « FootswitchBlackstar Blackstar FS10, Footswitch£ 61,- Blackstar Blackstar FS11 « FootswitchBlackstar Blackstar FS11, Footswitch£ 31,15 Blackstar Blackstar FS12 « FootswitchBlackstar Blackstar FS12, Footswitch£ 70,- Blackstar FLY PSU « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesBlackstar FLY PSU, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 13,30 Blackstar HT Metal 112 « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HT Metal 112, Guitar Cabinet£ 177,- Blackstar HT Soloist 60 « Guitar AmpBlackstar HT Soloist 60, Guitar Amp£ 667,- Blackstar HT Stage 100 « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar HT Stage 100, Guitar Amp Head£ 871,- Blackstar HTV-212 « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HTV-212, Guitar Cabinet£ 302,- Blackstar HTV-412 gerade « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HTV-412 gerade, Guitar Cabinet£ 471,- Blackstar HTV-412 schräg « Guitar CabinetBlackstar HTV-412 schräg, Guitar Cabinet£ 515,- Blackstar ID:100TVP-H « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar ID:100TVP-H, Guitar Amp Head£ 489,- Blackstar ID:260TVP « Guitar AmpBlackstar ID:260TVP, Guitar Amp£ 533,- Blackstar ID:60TVP-H « Guitar Amp HeadBlackstar ID:60TVP-H, Guitar Amp Head£ 400,-


In 2004 four friends, all bandmates, were looking for a new challenge. Having worked together for years at the highest levels of the amp desiging industry, their dream was to create new and innovative guitar amplifiers and pedals that would be the ultimate tools for self expression.

Having spent two and a half years doing intensive technical research in a garden shed in Northampton England, the first Blackstar products were ready and in March 2007, Blackstar was officially launched at the Frankfurt Musik Messe.

Since then, they have moved from the garden shed to their own premises, which has a purpose built lab and studio and have been lucky enough to add some amazingly talented people to their team.

Five years on, they have been on a remarkable journey and been privileged to meet some incredible people from all over the world and call them friends. From artists like Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne/Firewind), Neal Schon(Journey), Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) and James Dean Bradfield (Manic Street Preachers), to the many players that support them.

Since those early days, they have continued to grow as a company, but one thing remains true. They're all musicians and are truely passionate about what they do - making great guitar amps for players around the world.