Bogner 212C Closed Back Large Size

Bogner 212C Closed Back Large Size, Guitar Cabinet

Item number: 10067637
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Guitar Cabinet • Power: 120 W • Loudspeakers: 2x 12" • Loudspeaker Type: Celestion Vintage 30 • Impedance: 8 ohms • Stereo/Mono: Mono • Technology: Closed back • Connections: 1x ¼" jack • Including: Wheels • Special Features: Oversized • Bogner 212C Closed Back Large Size The Bogner 2x12" Oversized does sound pretty much like it could be competition for other 4x12" Cabs, with the difference that it is much easier to transport. This cab comes standard with two parallel wired Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and a closed back. Other speakers configurations, and wirings on 16Ohm or a version with an open back are possible, and are order on request.