Bogner XTC Ecstasy 45B 6V6

Bogner XTC Ecstasy 45B 6V6, Guitar Amp Head

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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 45 W • Channels: 3 • Gain Levels: 3 per channel • EQ: 2x bass, mids, treble • Inserts: Series • Pre Amp Valves: 6x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 4x 6V6 • Impedance: 8/16 ohms • Including: Footswitch • Dimensions: 69,22 x 24,15 x 26 • Weight: 21,0 kg • Country of Origin: Made in USA • The sound design of the Bogner Ecstasy is the same as the good, old, legendary amps... but all in one housing. Ecstasy's equipment allows the "DNA" of the three channels to be radically adapted to the sounds of the past, present and future. With the included footswitch, 6 of these sounds are almost at your feet. Just imagine: from the authentic Plexi sound at the touch of a button, over a singing, overtone-rich Overdrive to an outrageously brilliant Clean sound and back again... the possibilities are endless. The Bogner Ecstasy standard features 1/2 power switch, Old / New Style switch, Plexi mode, 3 pre-EQ circuits, tube driven loop, 2 Presence controls and much more. Hearing is believing! The XTC 45B 6V6 is a custom-made Bogner Custom - an ecstasy that can be better balanced with volume and can be driven faster to the power amp clipping.