Boss TU-88 BK

Boss TU-88 BK, Tuner

Item number: 10049512
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Tuner • Instrument: Universal • Design: Table top unit • Chromatic: Yes • Metronome: yes • Tuning range E0 - C8 • Reference Key A4 (435 – 446 Hz) • Power consumption 30 mA • 9 Volt Battery or 9 Volt DC Power supply Center negative • The Boss TU-88 BK is a handy tool with several useful features. In the tuner mode, a large tuning range is available, the base tone can also be calibrated. With Accu Pitch mode, the correct pitch is also indicated by an acoustic signal, so you do not necessarily have to keep an eye on the display. The internal metronome also displays the selected speed in BPM. The bonus with the TU-88 is the headphone amplifier with integrated speaker simulation - simply a pedal or other effect in front, and you can go loose or warm up before the gig. Via the AUX input another audio signal like MP3 or similar can be used. Ideal for practice, or to use the metronome to determine the exact speed of a song.