Brand Mundstücke 12CS transparent Turboblow

Brand Mundstücke 12CS transparent Turboblow, Mouthpiece (brass)

Item number: 10090226
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Mouthpiece (brass) • Instrument: Trombone • Material: Plastic • Cup shape: U • Cup depth: medium • Shaft: Narrow • Colour: transparent • narrow cup • The Brand 12CS mouthpiece in transparent is a mouthpiece that is particularly suitable for the high register because it has a narrow cup. It helps to reach the High Notes with heavy soft lips and is thereby also suitable for beginners. With the turbobore , whose effect is also called TurboBlow , you can create more volume and a full sound. The refined spin in the back bore of the mouthpiece is designed so that the player’s air is passed more efficiently through the trumpet. The Swiss manufacturer’s plastic mouthpieces are the ideal solution for allergy sufferers . They are priced more attractively than gilded mouthpieces and also have the advantage that they are easy to clean since the dirt adheres less to plastic than to metal. Simply rinse under warm water and clean with a mouthpiece brush. A further advantage is that the mouthpieces with the TurboBlow always guarantee a pleasantly warm feeling even in cold weather.