Carl Martin Octaswitch

Carl Martin Octaswitch

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  • Audio Looper
  • Guitar effects pedal switcher combining eight channels and eight loops

  • 100% true bypass or buffered input
  • 9V power supply powered

Carl Martin Octaswitch · Little Helper

The Carl Martin Octaswitch allows you to set up eight effects pedals plugged into eight loops and eight channels. 100% true bypass switching and powered at 9V power supply.

The Carl Martin Octaswitch uses eight miniature on/off DIP switches to program eight channels and eight effects loops. Eight program foot-switches and eight DIP switches turn on or off the effects loop for that particular program. A switchable buffer preamplifier circuit at the Octaswitch input matches the input to output impedance to prevent the input of the Octaswitch from loading the ouput of a device that is connected to it and trashing the tone. Or choose 100% true bypass.

  • Eight channels and eight loops
  • Eight miniature on/off DIP switches to program loops
  • 100% true bypass switch


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