Cioks AC-10

Cioks AC-10, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies

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Guitar/Bass Power Supplies • 10 outputs, 6 isolated sections • Shielded ring core transformer • 2 AC Outputs with 800mA each • 9,12 and 16 Volt AC selectable • One of the AC sections can also be switched to 600mA DC • 15 Volt Option for Radial Tonebone Pedals • Outputs individually protected against short circuit • 120/230 Volt operating voltage selectable • Extensive cable kit and mounting bracket included • Dimensions: 15.8 x 3.5 x 9.8 W / H / D • The AC-10 from the Danish manufacturer Cioks is a professional multi-frequency power supply, which can also be used to supply exotic mains voltages to effect pedals, e. g. Radial Tonebone Pedals, EHX Tube Pedals, Hughes & Kettner Tube Pedals, Blackstar HT Series, Digitech Whammy and Jam Man etc. A powerful magnetically shielded ring core transformer ensures constant, clean current. Comprehensive accessories included.