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Buffet Prodige BC 2541 « ClarinetBuffet Prodige BC 2541, Clarinet£ 417,-


Buffet Crampon

Ever since 1825 Buffet Crampon has been making premium woodwind instruments. The company is best known for its clarinets. The product range also covers flutes, oboes, saxophones and fagots.

The French company Buffet Crampon was founded by Denis Buffet-Auger in Paris in 1825 by opening a workshop for windinstruments. He soon made a name among musicians as he invented the clarinet with 13 keyholes.

Jean Louis Buffet took over from his father in 1830. He married Zoé Crampon in 1836 and the companies name was born. The logo was designed in 1844. Jean-Louis´ uncle (Louis August Buffet) was a friend of Hyacinthe Klosé, a virtuoso clarinet player who was a teacher at the Conservatorium in Paris. This duo made of musician and technician working close together took on the idea of the German Theobald Boehm of using a ring key system.

This system had been used for the flute and was now transformed to the clarinet. The system was first shown in 1839 and many musicians where fascinated by it. Due to the large demand the Buffet Crampon factory in Mantes la Ville was built in 1850. In 1866 the first saxophones were made and since then Buffet Crampon has received several prizes and awards for its instruments.

In 1918 Buffet Crampon begun supplying the American market and soon became world leader in manufacturing of premium clarinets.

Robert Carrée, a very talented acoustician developed several boreholes for Buffet Crampon: In 1950 the R13 borehole and in 1975 the RC Boreholes. The professional range Buffet Crampon Festival and Buffet Crampon Prestige arouse through the experience gained by Robert Carrees testing. In 1944 the Buffet Crampon research team invented an innovative material and named it Greenline. It was made as an effort to protect the African Blackwood trees, which provide grenadilla wood for clarinets. Greenline is made of: 95% Grendadillwood chips, 2,5% carbonfiber and 2,5 % epoxy. Clarinetts made of Greenline have the same acoustic charactaristics as wooden clarinets but are very much less subject to temperature and klimate change, resulting in a almost crack free finish. Today many well know clarinet and oboe players use Green Line instruments.

Buffet Crampon extended the product range over the years and upgraded ist instruments constantly. The core is made up of three to four models , that are popular with both students and teachers: The beginners model Buffet Crampon B12, the Buffet Crampon E13 as a start into the wood class as well as the classics Buffet Crampon R13 and Buffet Crampon RC marking the professional standard. The exclusive instruments like the Festival and Prestige are normally decendents from the Buffet Crampon R13/RC-range.