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LaMancha Rubi SM-EX/63 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi SM-EX/63, Classical Guitar£ 300,- LaMancha Romero Lava 42 3/4 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Romero Lava 42 3/4, Classical Guitar£ 130,- LaMancha Rubi CM/53 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM/53, Classical Guitar£ 223,- LaMancha Rubi SM-EX-CWE-SN « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi SM-EX-CWE-SN, Classical Guitar£ 403,- LaMancha Rubinito CM « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubinito CM, Classical Guitar£ 197,- LaMancha Rubi C « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi C, Classical Guitar£ 239,- LaMancha Rubi SM « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi SM, Classical Guitar£ 197,- LaMancha Perla Negra CWE « Classical GuitarLaMancha Perla Negra CWE, Classical Guitar£ 515,- LaMancha Perla Negra CWE « Lefthanded ClassicLaMancha Perla Negra CWE, Lefthanded Classic£ 429,- LaMancha Romero Granito 31 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Romero Granito 31, Classical Guitar£ 128,- LaMancha Rubi CM « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM, Classical Guitar£ 223,- LaMancha Rubi CM-EX « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM-EX, Classical Guitar£ 257,- LaMancha Rubi S « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi S, Classical Guitar£ 257,- LaMancha Rubi SM-EX-SN « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi SM-EX-SN, Classical Guitar£ 266,- LaMancha Zafiro S « Classical GuitarLaMancha Zafiro S, Classical Guitar£ 429,- LaMancha Zafiro S-SN « Classical GuitarLaMancha Zafiro S-SN, Classical Guitar£ 386,- LaMancha Rubi CM/59 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM/59, Classical Guitar£ 197,- LaMancha Rubi CM « Lefthanded ClassicLaMancha Rubi CM, Lefthanded Classic£ 223,- LaMancha Rubi CM/63 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM/63, Classical Guitar£ 223,- LaMancha Rubi CM/59 « Lefthanded ClassicLaMancha Rubi CM/59, Lefthanded Classic£ 197,- LaMancha Romero Lava 41 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Romero Lava 41, Classical Guitar£ 145,- LaMancha Rubi S/63 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi S/63, Classical Guitar£ 283,- LaMancha Rubi CM/63 « Lefthanded ClassicLaMancha Rubi CM/63, Lefthanded Classic£ 223,- LaMancha Rubi CM/63-CWE « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM/63-CWE, Classical Guitar£ 381,- LaMancha Rubi CM-SN Small Neck « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM-SN Small Neck, Classical Guitar£ 249,- LaMancha Rubi SM-EX « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi SM-EX, Classical Guitar£ 257,- LaMancha Romero Lava 42 CE-N « Classical GuitarLaMancha Romero Lava 42 CE-N, Classical Guitar£ 214,- LaMancha Rubi CM-EX-CWE-RSN « Classical GuitarLaMancha Rubi CM-EX-CWE-RSN, Classical Guitar£ 412,- LaMancha Zafiro S-MC-11 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Zafiro S-MC-11, Classical Guitar£ 833,- LaMancha Zafiro S-MC-7 « Classical GuitarLaMancha Zafiro S-MC-7, Classical Guitar£ 601,-


Six-stringed multiculture - a modern interpretation of the spanish guitar.

In Spain, guitars have always been built different. Guitars with spanish design sound different, they sound better!

The idea of LaManchaguitars is the blend of german engineering, spanish design and asian production methods. The wood comes from all around the world: cedar from Canada, spruce from Switzerland, rosewood from India. The high-end Savarez strings are from France. At LaManchaguitars the tradition of spanish guitar manufacture meets chinese craftwork. Every model ist built in the tradition of spanish lutherie: the proven construction of the top, the familiar neck dimensions and the "Spanish heel" neck joint. LaManchguitars is the modern interpretation of an ancient theme, resulting in a modern classical guitar for students, beginners, advanced players and virtuosos. A contemporary instrument for those, who are looking for the extraordinary, who emphasize quality and tonal delight. For demanding musicians, affiliated with tradition, but open for new designs and fresh ideas.

First class technology, perfect tone.

Not only the design of LaMachaguitars is persuasive, techically they have a lot to offer as well: all models have a solid top, several also have solid sides and bottom. Nut and saddle are made of bone, which is extremely hard and an absolute benefit regarding the signal transmission. The twin-slot bridge increases the pressure of the strings on the bridge, which results in higher sound volume. Their extremely lightweight, stable construction means all LaManchaguitars have integrated optimal responsiveness.

Economical production, outstanding quality.

LaManchaguitars present outstanding quality in both materials and construction! In order to meet the rigorous standards placed on modern classical guitars without having to charge astronomical prices for them, all LaManchaguitars models are made in China. Subject to the strict control of the German specialists responsible for their development, of course. Unlike the Rubi, Piedra Preciosa and Romero series, the premium Quilate series is handcrafted in a workshop run by a German luthier. Plus: each instrument is subject to a double quality check (QC) – the first QC before it is shipped from China and the second one upon arrival in Germany, proven by its individual QC tag.

European standards, Asian production.

As a manufacturer, LaManchaguitars believes in German production standards. We comply with clear standards and provide our employees with fair working conditions. Light, air-conditioned rooms; health, pension and social welfare insurance; recreational programs on company premises and well-ordered working hours are a matter of course.
Child labour certainly is prohibited at LaManchaguitars!