Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73

Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73, Synthesizer

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Synthesizer • Synthesizer • Keyboard: keyboard expression, half weighted Waterfall-keyboard • Keys: 73 keys • Polyphony: up to 60 voices • Effects: Stereo Effects, Tube Overdrive, Vibe Effect,independent Reverb and Delay Effect • Sampling: 1 GB Nord Piano Library, 256 MB Nord Sample Library • Special Features: Set List Function • USB / MIDI: MIDI In/Out, USB to Host • Playing Aids: 9 Physical stops • Wave ROM: Piano Section, Sample Synth Section, Organ Section • Display: 128 x 64 OLED Display • Pedal/Controller Connection: Sustain, Expression, Leslie • Other Connections: 1 x Headphones, Line in, Line out • Colour / Finish: Red • Size (WxHxD): 1066 x 97 x 296 mm • Weight: 9,2 kg • Including: Power cable, user manual • The Nord 5D 73 has 3 main sound sections. The piano section contains piano models from the Nord piano library with 1GB capacity just for the Library sounds. The library is supplied on DVD and you can also download sounds from the Nord website. The Nord Electro 5 series is capable of layering and splits are also possible such as Sample/Organ, Piano/Sample and Piano/Organ with a balancing facility on the control panel. With the effects section you can choose from Flangers, Phasers, Reverb and so on. The Nord 5D 73 has many features including : sample section with 256 mb of memory, OLED display, Rotary speaker with its own speed control feature, Farfisa and Vox simulations and many many more.
Clavia Nord