D'Addario EXP13 .011-052

D'Addario EXP13 .011-052, Western & Resonator

Item number: 100047751
This item is not part of our current product range.
Western & Resonator • Material: 80/20 Bronze • E1 String: .011p • H2 String: .015p • G3 String: .022w • D4 String: .032w • A5 String: .042w • E6 String: .052w • Features: Coated • Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that stay always fresh • EXP 13 0,11-0,52 D'Addario Western/ Resonator Custom-strengths to compensate for the projected sound and thinner plain strings for pleasant Bending Extra bright sound with deep bass, EXP coated for durability and 4 times the normal life span. Best quality and performance. Made in the USA as of 2015 with NY High Carbon Steel

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