D'Angelico EX-59 NAT

D'Angelico EX-59 NAT, Electric Guitar

Item number: 10090688
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Electric Guitar • Serial number: US15070147 • Colour / Finish: Natural • Technology: Hollow Body • Body Shape: Jazz Shape • Strings: 6 string • Neck construction: Set in neck • Frets: 22 • Scale Length: 25,5" (64,77 cm) • Body Material: Maple laminated • Top: Flamed Maple/ Laminated Maple • Neck: 3-piece Maple / Walnut / Maple • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: MOP Block • Pickup Configuration: S-S (2x Single Coil) • Neck Pickup: P • Bridge Pickup: P90 • Pickup Selector Switch: 3-Way rotary switch • Controls: 1x volume, 1x tone • Bridge / Tremolo: Rosewood Compensated • Hardware: Gold • Including: Hardcase • Weight: 3,40 kg • Country of Origin: Made in Korea • D'Angelico Stairstep Tailpiece • Bone nut • 17" Body • Aluminum Skyscraper Trussrod Cover • D'Angelico resurrects one of his legendary classics with the EX-59 NAT. This model was launched by the guitar builder John D'Angelico in 1959. A classic 19" jazz guitar with 2 P-90 style pickups, the D'Angeico is a classic, with the body and the laminated Flamed Maple body, a Rosewood bridge, the Grover Imperial tuners and the Stairstep tailpiece Arranged strings that can transmit the vibrations optimally. Beautiful woods and cool art deco attire - optically and soundwise a highlight.

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