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Pioneer DDJ-RZ « DJ-ControllerPioneer DDJ-RZ, DJ-Controller£ 1.718,-


Die Pioneer Corporation ist einer der führenden Hersteller in der Elektro-Industrie sowohl bei Audio/Video-Produkten für Zuhause als auch für kommerzielle und institutionelle Bereiche.
The Pioneer Corporation is one of the leading Manufacturers in the electronics industry as well as in audio/video products for the consumer and professional.

The founder of Pioneer, Nozomu Matsumoto, developed the first successful dynamic loudspeaker A-8 in 1937. One year later, in Tokyo he founded the company Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho which would later become Pioneer. At first loudspeakers were developed and built. Then in 1961 the company name was finally changed to Pioneer Electronics Corporation. The subsidiaries in Europe and the US were founded in 1966. In the early 70´s Pioneer started the production of Hi-Fi components. In 1975 the first car stereo components were introduced by Pioneer. The HPM 150 was a top of the line product from Pioneer. The official start of Pioneer in Germany was in January 1978. In 1984 Pioneer introduced the first LD combination player that was able to play laserdiscs and compact discs. In 1989 Pioneer founded a subsidiary in Germany, the headquarters are near Düsseldorf. Pioneer has invented some very groundbreaking equipment: Pioneer Laser Disc (1979), Pioneer GPS Car Navigation (1990), Pioneer DVD/LD/CD-compatible player (1996) and Pioneer plasma displays (1997). Furthermore Pioneer was the first electronic-company to present the DVD-Recorder and DVD-audio-player to the industry.
Pioneer is one of the few companies that could holdback the trend of loosing market shares and even position themselves stronger in the market, innovative products and a high customer acceptance has secured this top position.