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AHead Armor AA5038W « Hardware BagAHead Armor AA5038W, Hardware Bag£ 183,- AHead Armor AA6024W Deluxe Heavy Duty Cymbal Bag with Wheels « Cymbal BagAHead Armor AA6024W Deluxe Heavy Duty Cymbal Bag with Wheels, Cymbal Bag£ 155,- AHead Armor AR1424 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1424, Drum Bag£ 81,- AHead Armor AR1822 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1822, Drum Bag£ 80,- AHead Armor ARSET-3 « Drum BagAHead Armor ARSET-3, Drum Bag£ 228,- AHead Armor AR2014 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR2014, Drum Bag£ 47,70 AHead Armor AR3006 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR3006, Drum Bag£ 37,85 AHead Armor AR3009 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR3009, Drum Bag£ 37,85 AHead Armor AR3011 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR3011, Drum Bag£ 37,- AHead Armor AR5012 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR5012, Drum Bag£ 33,30 AHead AA1214RS Snare Case w/Back Pack Straps & Shark Gil « Marching BagAHead AA1214RS Snare Case w/Back Pack Straps & Shark Gil, Marching Bag£ 93,- AHead Armor AA5028OW « Hardware BagAHead Armor AA5028OW, Hardware Bag£ 132,- AHead Armor AA6021 « Cymbal BagAHead Armor AA6021, Cymbal Bag£ 98,- AHead Armor AA6021-10 « Drum AccessoryAHead Armor AA6021-10, Drum Accessory£ 26,70 AHead Armor AA6021-11 « Drum AccessoryAHead Armor AA6021-11, Drum Accessory£ 16,35 AHead Armor AA6022 « Cymbal BagAHead Armor AA6022, Cymbal Bag£ 33,55 AHead Armor AA6024 Deluxe Heavy Duty Cymbal Bag « Cymbal BagAHead Armor AA6024 Deluxe Heavy Duty Cymbal Bag, Cymbal Bag£ 102,- AHead Armor AA6024EH « Drumstick BagAHead Armor AA6024EH, Drumstick Bag£ 25,80 AHead Armor AA9027 Drum Mat 107" x 62" « Drum AccessoryAHead Armor AA9027 Drum Mat 107" x 62", Drum Accessory£ 117,- AHead Armor AR1420 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1420, Drum Bag£ 78,- AHead Armor AR1618 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1618, Drum Bag£ 68,- AHead Armor AR1622 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1622, Drum Bag£ 90,- AHead Armor AR1820 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1820, Drum Bag£ 74,- AHead Armor AR2014S « Drum BagAHead Armor AR2014S, Drum Bag£ 49,05 AHead Armor AR2016S « Drum BagAHead Armor AR2016S, Drum Bag£ 54,- AHead Armor AR3008 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR3008, Drum Bag£ 36,15 AHead Armor AR3010 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR3010, Drum Bag£ 31,50 AHead Armor AR4010 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR4010, Drum Bag£ 37,85 AHead Armor AR4012 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR4012, Drum Bag£ 36,- AHead Armor AR4014 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR4014, Drum Bag£ 44,75 AHead Armor AR4016 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR4016, Drum Bag£ 54,- AHead Armor AR5010 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR5010, Drum Bag£ 31,50 AHead Armor AR5013 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR5013, Drum Bag£ 33,55 AHead Armor AR5038E « Hardware BagAHead Armor AR5038E, Hardware Bag£ 82,- AHead Armor AR5129 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR5129, Drum Bag£ 34,20 AHead Armor AR6008 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR6008, Drum Bag£ 30,10 AHead Armor ARSET-1 « Drum BagAHead Armor ARSET-1, Drum Bag£ 206,- AHead Armor ARSET-5 « Drum BagAHead Armor ARSET-5, Drum Bag£ 257,- AHead Armor Busi Bagpack « Drum BagAHead Armor Busi Bagpack, Drum Bag£ 67,- AHead Armor AA5032 « Hardware BagAHead Armor AA5032, Hardware Bag£ 93,- AHead Armor AA5048W « Hardware BagAHead Armor AA5048W, Hardware Bag£ 208,- AHead Armor AA9020 « Drum AccessoryAHead Armor AA9020, Drum Accessory£ 92,- AHead Armor AA9020-2 Drum Mat Medium « Drum AccessoryAHead Armor AA9020-2 Drum Mat Medium, Drum Accessory£ 92,- AHead Armor AR1624 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1624, Drum Bag£ 88,- AHead Armor AR2016 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR2016, Drum Bag£ 54,- AHead Armor AR6023RS « Cymbal BagAHead Armor AR6023RS, Cymbal Bag£ 130,- AHead Armor AA8115 Pedal Bag « Hardware BagAHead Armor AA8115 Pedal Bag, Hardware Bag£ 52,- AHead Armor AR1418 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1418, Drum Bag£ 75,- AHead Armor AR1422 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1422, Drum Bag£ 76,- AHead Armor AR1620 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1620, Drum Bag£ 73,- AHead Armor AR2022 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR2022, Drum Bag£ 84,- AHead Armor AR2422 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR2422, Drum Bag£ 95,- AHead Armor AR3013 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR3013, Drum Bag£ 37,85 AHead Armor AR822 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR822, Drum Bag£ 83,- AHead Armor Stickbag Mallet Tower « Drumstick BagAHead Armor Stickbag Mallet Tower, Drumstick Bag£ 41,30 AHead AA8114 « Hardware BagAHead AA8114, Hardware Bag£ 33,55 AHead Armor AA6025 « Drumstick BagAHead Armor AA6025, Drumstick Bag£ 19,80 AHead Armor AR1220 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1220, Drum Bag£ 82,- AHead Armor AR1426 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1426, Drum Bag£ 88,- AHead Armor AR1626 « Drum BagAHead Armor AR1626, Drum Bag£ 89,-

AHead Armor

The high-end drum bags have the name of the case deserves!

Ahead Armor cases are characterized by three unique and specific improvements over the already represented in the market from Drumbags.

The cases are in TruForm so is the patented revolutionary design in drop form, which corresponds to the shaping of the toms along with the mounted hardware (Tomhaltesystem). Whether with or without the RIMS system, the case fits the specified Tomgröße! There is not another case set for sets of rims needed!

Through the course of the ingenious patented zipped DynaZip system is the packing and unpacking of Toms much easier and faster. The Case-neck, which can be opened by a zipper, is much bigger than other products.

The DX-Ahead Core is using 2-ply, highly protective foam padding high security for the toms, the comfort is granted by the soft Sherpa fleece Toms. This means that the shock-absorbing cases even more protected and the best Tom. The soft fleece interior in conjunction with the 600-denier polyester outer fabric is a water-and weather-teeming, virtually indestructible durable and strong protection for the drums.

Drummers like Thomas Lang, Jost Nickel, Adrian Young, The Drumbassadors, Eric Singer, Mike Johnston and many more. Ahead are already excited the Armor cases and every day there are more drummers.