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Sela Snare Cajon Kit « CajonSela Snare Cajon Kit, Cajon£ 54,- Sela CaSela Satin Nut Kit « CajonSela CaSela Satin Nut Kit, Cajon£ 124,- Sela CaSela Pro Satin Nut Cajon « CajonSela CaSela Pro Satin Nut Cajon, Cajon£ 178,- Sela Varios Blue Cajon Bundle « CajonSela Varios Blue Cajon Bundle, Cajon£ 115,- Sela Varios Red « CajonSela Varios Red, Cajon£ 97,- Sela Carton Cajon « CajonSela Carton Cajon, Cajon£ 17,80 Sela CaSela Pro Vintage Blue « CajonSela CaSela Pro Vintage Blue, Cajon£ 134,- Sela CaSela Makassar « CajonSela CaSela Makassar, Cajon£ 142,- Sela CaSela Pro Zebrano « CajonSela CaSela Pro Zebrano, Cajon£ 166,- Sela Varios « CajonSela Varios, Cajon£ 80,- Sela Cajon Bag Black « Percussion BagSela Cajon Bag Black, Percussion Bag£ 25,95 Sela Cajon Bagpack « Percussion BagSela Cajon Bagpack, Percussion Bag£ 17,75 Sela Cajon Quick Assembly Kit « CajonSela Cajon Quick Assembly Kit, Cajon£ 88,- Sela CaSela Tineo « CajonSela CaSela Tineo, Cajon£ 138,- Sela Varios Blue « CajonSela Varios Blue, Cajon£ 87,- Sela Varios Green « CajonSela Varios Green, Cajon£ 93,- Sela Cajon Bag Red « Percussion BagSela Cajon Bag Red, Percussion Bag£ 25,95 Sela Cajon Brush 180 « Percussion SticksSela Cajon Brush 180, Percussion Sticks£ 21,30 Sela Cajon Pad Black « CajonSela Cajon Pad Black, Cajon£ 4,05 Sela CaSela Pro Makassar « CajonSela CaSela Pro Makassar, Cajon£ 176,- Sela CaSela Pro Vintage Brown « CajonSela CaSela Pro Vintage Brown, Cajon£ 146,- Sela CaSela Pro Vintage Grey « CajonSela CaSela Pro Vintage Grey, Cajon£ 146,- Sela Tac Tic « CajonSela Tac Tic, Cajon£ 38,50 Sela Varios Brown « CajonSela Varios Brown, Cajon£ 94,- Sela Varios Gold « CajonSela Varios Gold, Cajon£ 103,- Sela Varios Mini « CajonSela Varios Mini, Cajon£ 84,- Sela Cajon Brush 250 « Percussion SticksSela Cajon Brush 250, Percussion Sticks£ 21,40 Sela Cajon Finish Set « CajonSela Cajon Finish Set, Cajon7,95 £/100ml£ 7,95 Sela Cajon Pad Red « CajonSela Cajon Pad Red, Cajon£ 3,60 Sela Cajon Pad White « CajonSela Cajon Pad White, Cajon£ 3,30 Sela Carton Cajon Mini « CajonSela Carton Cajon Mini, Cajon£ 16,95 Sela CaSela Pro Tineo « CajonSela CaSela Pro Tineo, Cajon£ 169,- Sela CaSela Tineo Kit « CajonSela CaSela Tineo Kit, Cajon£ 112,- Sela CaSela Vintage Brown « CajonSela CaSela Vintage Brown, Cajon£ 106,- Sela CaSela Vintage Red « CajonSela CaSela Vintage Red, Cajon£ 106,- Sela CaSela Zebrano « CajonSela CaSela Zebrano, Cajon£ 128,- Sela Snare Head « CajonSela Snare Head, Cajon£ 16,95 Sela Snare Head Wave « CajonSela Snare Head Wave, Cajon£ 16,95 Sela Varios Gold Cajon Bundle « CajonSela Varios Gold Cajon Bundle, Cajon£ 115,- Sela Wave Black Makassar « CajonSela Wave Black Makassar, Cajon£ 178,- Sela Wave Black Pearl « CajonSela Wave Black Pearl, Cajon£ 190,- Sela Wave White Pearl « CajonSela Wave White Pearl, Cajon£ 190,- Sela Wave White Zebrano « CajonSela Wave White Zebrano, Cajon£ 190,- Sela Snare Cajon Kit Medium « CajonSela Snare Cajon Kit Medium, Cajon£ 62,- Sela Professional Cajon Player Pack « CajonSela Professional Cajon Player Pack, Cajon£ 212,- Sela Varios Green Cajon Bundle « CajonSela Varios Green Cajon Bundle, Cajon£ 115,- Sela CaSela Satin Nut « CajonSela CaSela Satin Nut, Cajon£ 123,- Sela Varios Red Cajon Bundle « CajonSela Varios Red Cajon Bundle, Cajon£ 115,- Sela CaSela Pro Black Dark Nut Cajon « CajonSela CaSela Pro Black Dark Nut Cajon, Cajon£ 178,- Sela Varios Brown Cajon Bundle « CajonSela Varios Brown Cajon Bundle, Cajon£ 115,- Sela Varios Cajon Bundle « CajonSela Varios Cajon Bundle, Cajon£ 112,- Sela Cajon Brush 110 « Percussion SticksSela Cajon Brush 110, Percussion Sticks£ 17,80 Sela CaSela Black Dark Nut Cajon « CajonSela CaSela Black Dark Nut Cajon, Cajon£ 142,- Sela CaSela Dark Nut Cajon « CajonSela CaSela Dark Nut Cajon, Cajon£ 134,- Sela CaSela Pro Dark Nut Cajon « CajonSela CaSela Pro Dark Nut Cajon, Cajon£ 174,- Sela CaSela Zebrano Cajon-Bundle « CajonSela CaSela Zebrano Cajon-Bundle, Cajon£ 152,- Sela Mini Cajon Shaker Set « ShakerSela Mini Cajon Shaker Set, Shaker£ 15,15 Sela Wave White Pearl « CajonSela Wave White Pearl, Cajon£ 178,-


Sice more than 10 years the German company Sela has been manufacturing exceptional Cajons for demanding musicians. Founder and developer Markus Westenberger has prevailed in continously improving his cajons as well as innovative improvements such as the Sela Snare system. The range of Sela now ranges from inexpensive Sela Snare Cajon kits as well as ready to play Varios entry-level models to the noble Sela Casela Professional Snare Cajon. Eevery musician gets the ideal instrument for their needs, regardless of age and ability. All Sela Cajon are manufactured exclusively in Germany, whether concert hall, classrooms or open air festival, Sela always has the right Cajon. Modern design in high quality manufacturing for highest comfort and a unique sound that is Sela - The Soul Of Sound.