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Terré Carved 40 cm Djembe « DjembeTerré Carved 40 cm Djembe, Djembe£ 47,75 Terré 20" Shaman Drum « HanddrumTerré 20" Shaman Drum, Handdrum£ 120,- Terré Koshi Wind Chimes Aqua « Wind ChimeTerré Koshi Wind Chimes Aqua, Wind Chime£ 43,45 Terré Koshi Wind Chimes Aria « Wind ChimeTerré Koshi Wind Chimes Aria, Wind Chime£ 43,45 Terré Koshi Wind Chimes Ignis « Wind ChimeTerré Koshi Wind Chimes Ignis, Wind Chime£ 42,15 Terré Africa Ghana M « DjembeTerré Africa Ghana M, Djembe£ 85,- Terré Shekere Large « ShekereTerré Shekere Large, Shekere£ 28,30 Terré Woodbox Kalimba 10 Tones « KalimbaTerré Woodbox Kalimba 10 Tones, Kalimba£ 33,70 Terré Bambus Small « DjembeTerré Bambus Small, Djembe£ 44,25 Terré Djembe Belt African Colour « Drum StrapTerré Djembe Belt African Colour, Drum Strap£ 32,65 Terré Djembe Belt African Style « Drum StrapTerré Djembe Belt African Style, Drum Strap£ 23,05 Terré Djembe Belt black « Drum StrapTerré Djembe Belt black, Drum Strap£ 30,15 Terré Donner Wawah « Spring DrumTerré Donner Wawah, Spring Drum£ 30,85 Terré Donnerbox Beatbox « Spring DrumTerré Donnerbox Beatbox, Spring Drum£ 44,25 Terré medium Indian Om Cymbal « ZillTerré medium Indian Om Cymbal, Zill£ 31,05 Terré Medium Kaktus Rainmaker Thin « RainmakerTerré Medium Kaktus Rainmaker Thin, Rainmaker£ 10,55 Terré Thunder L « Spring DrumTerré Thunder L, Spring Drum£ 15,- Terré Thunder M « Spring DrumTerré Thunder M, Spring Drum£ 14,10 Terré X-Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thick « RainmakerTerré X-Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thick, Rainmaker£ 50,- Terré Cosmic F Akebono « HandpanTerré Cosmic F Akebono, Handpan£ 1.761,- Terré Riddim D Minor « HandpanTerré Riddim D Minor, Handpan£ 1.443,- Terré Carved 50 cm « DjembeTerré Carved 50 cm, Djembe£ 67,- Terré Riddim D Kurd « HandpanTerré Riddim D Kurd, Handpan£ 1.504,- Terré Africa Ghana XL « DjembeTerré Africa Ghana XL, Djembe£ 159,- Terré Carved 30 cm « DjembeTerré Carved 30 cm, Djembe£ 30,05 Terré 16" octagonal Shaman Drum « HanddrumTerré 16" octagonal Shaman Drum, Handdrum£ 79,- Terré Africa Ghana L « DjembeTerré Africa Ghana L, Djembe£ 133,- Terré Koshi Wind Chimes Terra « Wind ChimeTerré Koshi Wind Chimes Terra, Wind Chime£ 43,45 Terré Small Kaktus Rainmaker Thick « RainmakerTerré Small Kaktus Rainmaker Thick, Rainmaker£ 20,30 Terré Beginner Kalimba 7 Tones « KalimbaTerré Beginner Kalimba 7 Tones, Kalimba£ 14,20 Terré Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thick « RainmakerTerré Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thick, Rainmaker£ 27,40 Terré Skin Frame Kalimba 9 Tones « KalimbaTerré Skin Frame Kalimba 9 Tones, Kalimba£ 88,- Terré Small Bambus Rainmaker « RainmakerTerré Small Bambus Rainmaker, Rainmaker£ 11,55 Terré small Indian Om Cymbal « ZillTerré small Indian Om Cymbal, Zill£ 26,60 Terré 20" octagonal Shaman Drum « HanddrumTerré 20" octagonal Shaman Drum, Handdrum£ 99,- Terré 20" Shaman Drum with fur « HanddrumTerré 20" Shaman Drum with fur, Handdrum£ 120,- Terré 24" octagonal Shaman Drum « HanddrumTerré 24" octagonal Shaman Drum, Handdrum£ 119,- Terré Africa Ghana S « DjembeTerré Africa Ghana S, Djembe£ 53,- Terré Bambus Large « DjembeTerré Bambus Large, Djembe£ 117,- Terré Bambus Medium « DjembeTerré Bambus Medium, Djembe£ 88,- Terré Bambus X-Large « DjembeTerré Bambus X-Large, Djembe£ 158,- Terré Carved 60 cm « DjembeTerré Carved 60 cm, Djembe£ 102,- Terré Cosmic D Gurdu « HandpanTerré Cosmic D Gurdu, Handpan£ 1.859,- Terré Djembe Belt Black « Drum StrapTerré Djembe Belt Black, Drum Strap£ 21,30 Terré Djembe Belt Rasta « Drum StrapTerré Djembe Belt Rasta, Drum Strap£ 23,05 Terré Donner XL « Spring DrumTerré Donner XL, Spring Drum£ 16,75 Terré Gong / Tamtam Stand for 18" Gong « Sonic world accessoriesTerré Gong / Tamtam Stand for 18" Gong, Sonic world accessories£ 114,- Terré Gong / Tamtam Stand for 24" Gong « Sonic world accessoriesTerré Gong / Tamtam Stand for 24" Gong, Sonic world accessories£ 141,- Terré Holzgongständer für 29" Gongs « Sonic world accessoriesTerré Holzgongständer für 29" Gongs, Sonic world accessories£ 167,- Terré large Bambus Rainmaker « RainmakerTerré large Bambus Rainmaker, Rainmaker£ 15,10 Terré large Indian Om Cymbal « ZillTerré large Indian Om Cymbal, Zill£ 37,25 Terré Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thin « RainmakerTerré Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thin, Rainmaker£ 20,30 Terré Medium Kaktus Rainmaker Thick « RainmakerTerré Medium Kaktus Rainmaker Thick, Rainmaker£ 23,85 Terré Riddim C Low Pygmy « HandpanTerré Riddim C Low Pygmy, Handpan£ 1.504,- Terré Riddim D Gurdu « HandpanTerré Riddim D Gurdu, Handpan£ 1.504,- Terré Riddim F Akebono « HandpanTerré Riddim F Akebono, Handpan£ 1.504,- Terré Riddim G Arab Desert « HandpanTerré Riddim G Arab Desert, Handpan£ 1.504,- Terré Small Kaktus Rainmaker Thin « RainmakerTerré Small Kaktus Rainmaker Thin, Rainmaker£ 8,80 Terré X-Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thin « RainmakerTerré X-Large Kaktus Rainmaker Thin, Rainmaker£ 23,15 Terré 14-Keys Tuned Kalimba « KalimbaTerré 14-Keys Tuned Kalimba, Kalimba£ 43,45


The Sound of Nature

Terré stands for ethnic, natural sound instruments from all over the world.
Upmost is always a good instrument for a reasonable price.
Music instruments should be accessible to everyone and making music improves the networking of both halves of the brain.

The Power of Growth-Wood

Terré uses essentially natural raw materials for its products.
The woods that are used for their musical instruments are not endangered species.
These are mostly leftover pieces and branches (didgeridoos and percussion) or plantation mahogany (for the djembés), which cannot be used for processing in furniture and exotic wood.

No wood from primeval forests is used and Terré ensures the sustainable management of the forests in cooperation with the foreign authorities!