EarthQuaker Devices Erupter
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EarthQuaker Devices Erupter

  • Classic Fuzz
  • Effect Type: Fuzz
  • Technology: Analog
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Bias
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass
  • Power supply: 9VDC, Center negative
  • Power Consumption: 15 mA
  • Battery powered: Battery Powered
  • Battery Type: 9V Block
  • Housing size: Standard
  • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 6,4 x 5,7 x 11,8
  • Weight: 0,26 kg
  • Country of Origin: Made in USA
  • Noise free true bypass via relay
  • Selected high-end components
  • NOS silicon transistors
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EarthQuaker Devices Erupter · Guitar Effect

The goal of EarthQuaker Devices was to create the ultimate, classic fuzz pedal with a "No Brainer" user interface. The result is the pedal input and output and only a BIAS controller - there is no more and no less! A highlight of the pedal is an internal coil - which is a kind of pickup simulator. This makes the pedal easy to operate anywhere in the signal chain - no more problems with Wah pedals! With the BIAS Poti, the basic characteristic of the pedal can be dramatically altered: a low BIAS value leads to a rich, rough fuzztone, which is never crumbling - the controller is turned further, stronger distortions, a tighter fundamental sound and extended output. The pedal reacts very well to the volume and tone of the guitar, the pedal is infinitely clean during the down-regulation, with the Tone Poti the sound colour can be changed.
Note! Switching power supplies can produce high-frequency noise

Guitar Effect · EarthQuaker Devices Erupter

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