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Caparison Horus M3 MF TSBK « Electric GuitarCaparison Horus M3 MF TSBK, Electric Guitar£ 2.063,- Caparison Angelus M3B WH « Electric GuitarCaparison Angelus M3B WH, Electric Guitar£ 1.977,- Caparison Dellinger II FX-AM CB « Electric GuitarCaparison Dellinger II FX-AM CB, Electric Guitar£ 1.848,- Caparison Dellinger Prominance TSBL « Electric GuitarCaparison Dellinger Prominance TSBL, Electric Guitar£ 2.141,- Caparison C2 Dellinger DEG-QD-HH TBK « Electric GuitarCaparison C2 Dellinger DEG-QD-HH TBK, Electric Guitar£ 859,- Caparison Horus M3 EF SF « Electric GuitarCaparison Horus M3 EF SF, Electric Guitar£ 2.063,-


Caparison Guitars was founded by former Jackson/Charvel designer Itaro Kanno in 1995. The head office is based in Tokyo, but the guitars are built in Nagoya, Japan.

Caparison's hot-seller is the "Horus" model. This guitar sports a 27 fret neck with the distinctive "Clock" inlays, a very nice detail, where the clocks even show a different time, corresponding to the given fret (1st fret = 1:00h, 3rd fret = 3:00h, etc...)
Further established Caparison models for instance are the 7-strin Dellinger, Angelus, FKV, Venus or Apple Horn models.

In addition to that, Caparison offers the "HGS"-series, a production line made especially for down tunings. To achieve more string stability, the bridge is shifted 3 millimeters to the rear with these guitars.

Caparison Guitars also provides their own pickups.

Itaro Kanno in person makes sure, that every Caparison guitar gets it's given finish by hand and is set up and checked by hand.

Since each Caparison is a custom-made guitar, the factory output is just about 40 guitars per month.