Scala Guitars

Scala Guitars is a small company from Los Angeles, California. Scala guitars are a successful blend of tried and trusted vintage know-how and a modern approach. Scala boutique guitars are crafted by using the premium components paired with innovative ideas. Shop owner and -founder Leo Scala holds several patents for his "Sound Venting System" and his "Counter Springs" for tremolo systems.

Actually one needs not much to say about Scala guitars, they speak for themselves.

Leo Scala was born in Belgrade, Serbia and later moved to Moscow to attend college. He studied chemical engineering, but soon realized this was not his true passion. Having played guitar since he was a teenager, Leo discovered what he really wanted to study was the craft of making guitars. After several years he formed his own guitar shop, Scala Guitars and received praise from professional performers. Leo later met Gary Kramer who wanted to hire him to run the Kramer Company with the hopes of having him take over the business one day.