Electro Voice PLDK4

Electro Voice PLDK4, Mic Bundle

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Mic Bundle • Drum Microphone Set • Electro-Voice PLDK4 4-piece drum microphone kit • 1 x Electro-Voice PL33 kick drum mic • 3 x Electro-Voice PL35 tom / snare mics • Intergrated DCR-1 clamp system • Carry case • Inspired by the legendary Electro Voice Mic Bundles from the end of the 70s, the new PL Series is a family of vocal- and instrument microphones for professional live-sounds. With 7 vocal and 3 instrument models which stand out due to their superior sound, extraordinary and robust construction and modern design, the new PL-series fulfils extremely high professional standards effectively and severely. All PL-models (including the PL DK4 Drumset) by Electro Voice have a low-reflection surface out of matt black structure varnish, finely woven Memraflex baskets and hardened steel, a shock absorbing system for extraordinary low sounds and an optimised directional response pattern for perfect audio quality with minimal exterior axial sound colour and high security against feedback.

PL DK 4 Drumset

The complete mic bundles PL DK4 Drumset by Electro Voice consist of: 1 x PL33 dynamic super nodule kick-drum microphone, 3 x PL35 dynamic super nodule tom/snare microphone including DRC-1 clam system, and 1 x microphone case and strap made of high-quality and sturdy 600 denier nylon.


The PL DK4 Drumset is a dynamic super nodule mic bundle with a high output for clearly defined, punctual kick-drum basses and other deep-frequented instruments. The PLDK Drumset is a dynamic super nodule mic bundle for natural playbacks of toms and snares. The integrated DCR-1 clamp system fits the clamping rings of nearly every tom.
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