EMG 57/66 Set Brushed Chrome

EMG 57/66 Set Brushed Chrome, Electric Guitar Pickup

Item number: 10089201
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Electric Guitar Pickup • Technology: Humbucker • Strings: 6 string • Pickup type: active • Position: Neck, bridge • Character: Warm, classic • Connections: EMG Quik - connect • Magnet: Alnico V • Pole Pieces: Steel/Ceramic Bolts • Output: medium • Impedance: 10,0 kOhm • Neck impendance: 10 kOhms • Impendance bridge: 10 kOhms • Cover: Brushed Blue • legs: short (1/4") • Including: Wiring & battery clip • Complete installation kit included • With the 57/66 Brushed Chrome Set EMG has an active pickup set with vintage sound in the program. The 57's Bridge Pickups deliver the warm, round sound of a classic End 50 humbucker, the neck pickup delivers clear, warm neck pickup sound without muddy bass by using ceramic pole pieces.