EMG 60-7, black

EMG 60-7, black, Electric Guitar Pickup

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Electric Guitar Pickup • Technology: Humbucker • Strings: 7 string • Pickup type: active • Position: Bridge, middle, neck • Character: Raw blues • Connections: EMG Quik - connect • Magnet: Ceramic • Output: medium • Impedance: 10,0 kOhm • Cover: Black • Including: Wiring & battery clip • Features: For 7 stringed guitars • When it comes to active pickups in electric guitars there are so many opinions, on the other hand only one name really crops up: EMG. Like so many other pickup manufacturers, EMG began in the middle of the 70s in the garage at home. The first company names were Dirtywork Studios and Overlend until 1983 EMG Inc. was founded. And for those who do not know yet EMG means Electro Magnetic Generator. The EMG 60-7 has closely spaced coils and therefore a greater treble fraction than other EMGs. It is especially suited for rhythm playing, as its special sound pushes through every middle-heavy stage mix.