EMG 707, black

EMG 707, black, Electric Guitar Pickup

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Electric Guitar Pickup • Technology: Humbucker • Strings: 7 string • Pickup type: active • Position: Neck, bridge • Character: Aggressive • Connections: EMG Quik - connect • Magnet: Alnico V • Output: medium • Impedance: 10,0 kOhm • Colour: Black • Including: Wiring & battery clip • Features: For 7 stringed guitars • That active pickups sound cold and sterile, is the one opinion. Guitarists such as Steve Lukather (Toto), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and many others have been playing EMG pickups in their guitars and don't find them cold or sterile. EMG pickups deliver clear treble, rich bass, and a good sustain. The string oscillation is hardly influenced by the magnetic field of the pickups, the EMGs do not catch any sub-noises. Also loss of highs due to the use of longer cables is not a topic! All EMG pickups are delivered ready-wired, including mounting parts (screws, springs), connection box and battery clamp. 7 - string version of the EMG 85 and of course in a correspondingly large case.