EMG PRO DG20 Dave Gilmour

EMG PRO DG20 Dave Gilmour, Electric Guitar Pickup

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Electric Guitar Pickup • Technology: Humbucker in a single coil format • Pickup type: active • Position: Bridge, middle, neck • Character: Warm, classic • Connections: EMG Quik - connect • Magnet: Alnico • Output: medium • Neck impendance: 10 kOhms • Impendance mids: 10 kOhms • Impendance bridge: 10 kOhms • Colour: White • Including: Mounted on a Strat pickguard • Features: check Specifications • EMG produce pickup sets just as the stars use them. These sets are ready wired with pots, switches and pickguard for a stratocaster. So just solder the jack socket and off you go. David Gilmour has been using this set for years on his red No. 1 stage Strat. The set includes 3 SA pickups, the EXG Guitar Expander and the SPC Presence Control. All is mounted on a White Pearl Pickguard. The EXG boosts bass and treble while simultaneously lowering the center - perfect for chords at higher volumes. The SPC, in turn, boosts the mids and let the SAs sing.