Engl Z10 Fußschalter

Engl Z10 Fußschalter, Footswitch

Item number: 3033004
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Footswitch • Suitable for: Engl Savage 120/Sovereign • Switches all amps with built-in MIDI interface port • 10 functions are selectable in the footswitch, 6 are switchable • Connector cable 7m in length (Sub D connector/connector, 1:1) • Engl Z10 Foot switch controller For manual, direct switching/activating of functions at at all engl amps equipped with the midi interface port (e.g. savage 120, sovereign 100 vintage). The Engl Custom Z-10 Footswitch is designed for Engl amps that are equipped with the Engl MIDI Interface Port. It enables you to select channels directly and activate diverse auxiliary functions. For amps that feature more than 2 switchable auxiliary features, you can assign the desired function to the 2 switches located on the Z-10 via coding switches. The defaults or factory presets for the coding switches are the Master A/B and Reverb switching functions. Power is supplied to the footswitch via the special connector cable.