Engl Z11 Midi-Switcher

Engl Z11 Midi-Switcher, Little Helper

Item number: 3033005
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Little Helper • MIDI Equipment • MIDI switcher • For all Engl MIDI amps with 1 x or 2 x footswitches • 100 presets • MIDI Omni channels or 8 specific channels • 6 switch loops • The Engl Z-11 MIDI Switcher was designed to access specific switchable functions of amps via MIDI that are switched via conventional 1/4" jack/plug-compatible footswitches. Settings are saved to 100 MIDI program locations. You also have the option of selective access via 8 poly channels or comprehensive transmission of MIDI program change commands 0 to 100 via Omni mode. The Engl MIDI Switcher is equipped with 6 switching loops, whereby 4 circuits are accessible via two 1/4" mono jacks. This makes it much easier to connect devices equipped with 1/4" stereo jacks for use with dual footswitches. When it is used in conjunction with the Engl MIDI Footcontroller Z-12, the power for the footcontroller is routed from the MIDI Switcher via the MIDI cable.