Fender Classic Design

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Fender CD-60SCE-12-NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-60SCE-12-NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 266,- Fender CD-60SCE All Mahogany « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-60SCE All Mahogany, Acoustic Guitar£ 214,- Fender CC-60SCE BLK « Acoustic GuitarFender CC-60SCE BLK, Acoustic Guitar£ 243,- Fender CC-60SCE NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CC-60SCE NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 231,- Fender CD-60SCE BLK « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-60SCE BLK, Acoustic Guitar£ 243,- Fender CC-140SCE SB « Acoustic GuitarFender CC-140SCE SB, Acoustic Guitar£ 298,- Fender CC-60S NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CC-60S NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 158,- Fender CB-60SCE BLK « Acoustic BassFender CB-60SCE BLK, Acoustic Bass£ 262,- Fender CB-60SCE NAT « Acoustic BassFender CB-60SCE NAT, Acoustic Bass£ 262,- Fender CC-60S Concert Pack « Acoustic Guitar SetFender CC-60S Concert Pack, Acoustic Guitar Set£ 188,- Fender CD-140SCE NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-140SCE NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 297,- Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Pack « Acoustic Guitar SetFender CD-60S Dreadnought Pack, Acoustic Guitar Set£ 194,- Fender CD-60SCE LH NAT « Lefthand AcousticFender CD-60SCE LH NAT, Lefthand Acoustic£ 257,- Fender CD-60SCE NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-60SCE NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 231,- Fender CN-140SCE BLK « Acoustic GuitarFender CN-140SCE BLK, Acoustic Guitar£ 335,- Fender CN-60S BLK « Classical GuitarFender CN-60S BLK, Classical Guitar£ 176,- Fender CN-60S NAT « Classical GuitarFender CN-60S NAT, Classical Guitar£ 176,- Fender CP-140SE SB « Acoustic GuitarFender CP-140SE SB, Acoustic Guitar£ 335,- Fender CP-60S 3TS « Acoustic GuitarFender CP-60S 3TS, Acoustic Guitar£ 176,- Fender CP-60S NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CP-60S NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 176,- Fender CT-140SE NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CT-140SE NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 335,- Fender CT-140SE SB « Acoustic GuitarFender CT-140SE SB, Acoustic Guitar£ 335,- Fender CT-60S NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CT-60S NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 176,- Fender CD-100CE NT « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-100CE NT, Acoustic Guitar£ 223,- Fender CD-60S LH NAT « Lefthand AcousticFender CD-60S LH NAT, Lefthand Acoustic£ 171,- Fender CJ-290SCE NT « Acoustic GuitarFender CJ-290SCE NT, Acoustic Guitar£ 515,- Fender CC-60SCE LH NAT « Lefthand AcousticFender CC-60SCE LH NAT, Lefthand Acoustic£ 257,- Fender CD-140SCE-12 NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-140SCE-12 NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 331,- Fender CC-140SCE NAT « Acoustic GuitarFender CC-140SCE NAT, Acoustic Guitar£ 297,- Fender CD-60S All Mahogany « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-60S All Mahogany, Acoustic Guitar£ 143,- Fender CC-60S 3TS « Acoustic GuitarFender CC-60S 3TS, Acoustic Guitar£ 171,- Fender CD-320ASCE NT « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-320ASCE NT, Acoustic Guitar£ 532,- Fender CD-60S BLK « Acoustic GuitarFender CD-60S BLK, Acoustic Guitar£ 171,- Fender CF-140S NT « Acoustic GuitarFender CF-140S NT, Acoustic Guitar£ 241,- Fender CT-60S BLK « Acoustic GuitarFender CT-60S BLK, Acoustic Guitar£ 176,-

Classic Design

The Fender Classic Design Series instruments offer superb, traditional steel and nylon string sound, feel and performance in the well known style and looks for the beginner and the musicians on stage. If you strive for perfect acoustic guitar sound with a touch of Fender style and innovation, you've arrived with the Fender Classic Design Series at the right place.