Fender Mustang MN  OWT

Fender Mustang MN OWT, Electric Guitar

Item number: 10097802
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Electric Guitar • Colour / Finish: Olympic White • Technology: Solid Body • Body Shape: others • Neck construction: Bolt on neck • Frets: 22 • Scale Length: 24" (60,96 cm) • Body Material: Alder • Neck: Maple • Fretboard: Maple • Fretboard Inlays: Dot inlays • Pickup Configuration: S-S (2x Single Coil) • Neck Pickup: Fender MUSTANG® Single-Coil • Bridge Pickup: Fender MUSTANG® Single-Coil • Pickup Selector Switch: 3-Way Bladeswitch • Controls: 1x volume, 1x tone • Bridge / Tremolo: Fixed bridge • Hardware: Chrome • Country of Origin: Made in Mexico • The days when a Fender Mustang was the classic entry-level guitar, are long gone. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" has made her immortal.

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