Fender Super Champ X2

Fender Super Champ X2, Guitar Amp Head

Item number: 10098605
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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 15 W • Channels: 2 • EQ: Bass/Treble • Pre Amp Valves: 1x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 2x 6V6 • Effects: Effects Processer • Impedance: 8 ohms • Special Features: USB Output • Dimensions: 445 x 203 x 216 mm • Weight: 8,4 kg • Country of Origin: Made in Mexico • 15 W 2-ch Tube Amp Head, with 16 Amp Models, 15 Effects, External Speaker Output, 1/4" Line Output, and Speaker-emulated USB Output • 15 watt tube power amp with two 6V6 tubes; 12AX7 preamp tube • Voicing knob with 16 different amp types: Tweed, Blackface, British, Metal, etc • 15 effects; TAP tempo control for delay time/modulation rate adjustments • External speaker out, 1/4" line out • USB output for speaker-emulated digital recording • The 15-watt Fender Super Champ X2 guitar amp head combines tube preamp and power amp sections with built-in digital effects for the perfect blend of analog and digital technologies. The Super Champ X2 includes 16 selectable voicings, which give the sound of a variety of classic amps, from Tweed and Blackface models to modern metal guitar amplifiers. Plus 15 digital effects and you’ve got a huge range of tones to experiment with, all with the responsiveness and depth of an all-tube amplifier.