Fender Tele TEX MEX Set

Fender Tele TEX MEX Set

  • Technology: Single coil
  • Strings: 6 string
  • Position: Neck, bridge
  • spacing: 53 mm
  • Character: Raw blues
  • Connections: 2 wires
  • Magnet: Alnico V
  • Pole Pieces: Flush
  • Output: Medium
  • Impedance: > 7,8 kOhm
  • Neck impendance: 5,8 kOhm
  • Impendance bridge: 8 kOhm
  • Cover: Black / chrome
  • Including: Wiring diagram & mounting screws
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Fender Tele TEX MEX Set · Electric Guitar Pickup

If you are looking for a powerful tele sound but do not want to miss out on the classic Tele Twang, the Fender TEX MEX set should be right. Ideal for classic rock and blues.

Electric Guitar Pickup · Fender Tele TEX MEX Set

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