Fryette Power Station PS-2

Fryette Power Station PS-2, Little Helper

Item number: 10088569
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Little Helper • Load Box / Power Soak • Attenuator / Reactive Load with 50 Watts Re-Amping Tube Power Amplifier •
Versatile application:
Loadbox / Powerattenuator / Power Soak • Power Booster for small amplifiers • High quality Reactive Load with many voicings for silent recording • Post Distortion effects loop for Amps that do not have any • Mono tube power amp for preamps or modeling Multieffects • Effect amp for wet/dry setups • Stage Monitor power amplifier as support for the stage sound (if, for example, modeling directly into the PA) • Everyone knows the problem; You have an aggresive tube Head which sounds really good if you crank it which makes you so loud that you sweep the band from the stage. Or maybe Problem number 2: you have a small tube amp, which sounds perfect at full throttle, but is too small for the stage. Here comes the solution from Boutiqueamp Guru Fryette: the Powerstation PS-2! The PS-1 is a fancy little helper. The power station consists of 2 sections: Section 1 is a dummy load box with extensive speaker simulation and section 2 is a 50 watt tube end stage. The load box can withstand up to 150 watts of power - it can also tame violent monsters. The connected top section runs at full load - the dummy load converts the performance to heat and the integrated speaker simulation simulates a connected loudspeaker box. The signal treated in this way can now be amplified to a tolerable volume level using the integrated tube amplifier - problem solved! Problem No. 2: A small combo or head is subjected to the same procedure, only the 50 Watt power stage of the Power Station can amplify the small tube amp to impressive stage volume. A further application is the so-called "silent recording", the amp is connected directly to the Power Station and sent directly into the console via the Speakersimulation and EQ section. The Powerstation PS-2 has the following new features compared to its predecessor PS-1: switchable input sensitivity on the front panel, low pass filter bypass switch on the back and a symmetrical XLR output with speakersimulation.